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January 29, 2022

Scandal in the Senate Education Committee. PSD, accused for amending laws in secret.

Social-democrat senators have amended the Education Law in secret. The accusation came from the Secretary of the Education Committee, Dumitru Oprea, from PNL. He claims that he didn’t participate to the said meeting, and the signature appearing on the bill doesn’t belong to him. The amendment, adopted by the Committee at the initiative of the former Minister Ecaterina Andronescu, postpones the autumn contests for the position of school manager until the next summer.

The amendment voted by the Education Committee stipulates that the exam for the manager position will take place in the next summer, and not on October 12, as it was initially scheduled. The amendment is challenged for being illegally adopted.

Dumitru Oprea, the Secretary of the Senate Education Committee: “I am surprised by this fact, the agenda didn’t include such a legislative proposal. It was skipped, omitted, they know what they did”.

The Secretary and the Vice President of the Committee claim that their signatures appearing on the bill are not real.

Dumitru Oprea, the Secretary of the Senate Education Committee: “I don’t know who gave the votes and how, and the signature doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to a person who will probably find in time”.

Danut Mihai, the Vice President of the Senate Education Committee: “It looks like my signature, I didn’t sign, it’s not my signature. I know it’s very serious and I will require explanation”.

The bill for modifying the date of the contest would be initiated by Ecaterina Androonescu, the head of the Senate Education Committee and former Education Minister. She says that all the parliamentary procedures have been complied with.

Ecaterina Andronescu – senator, former Education Minister: “This amendment says that the contests for managers is organized only during the holidays, it shouldn’t bother the system during the school year which started.”

The amendment made by the senators could postpone the contest decided by the Minister’s order.

Mircea Dumitru, the Education Minister: “We are unpleasantly surprised by this action. What we want is the law to be respected and to have public contests so that, once at every four years, we can have managers that take care of school.”

PSD and ALDE senators support the Committee’s amendment.

Florin Paslaru, PSD Senator: “I think that the current Education Minister and, if you wish, the whole Ciolos Government, are making everything possible to upset the Romanian people’s lives in general.”

Cristiana Anghel, ALDE Senator: “I cannot imagine Mrs. Andronescu making things in secret and underhand.”

The Education minister ensures that the amendment will not disrupt his plan to introduce criteria of competence for the school manager position.

The Education Manager, Mircea Dumitru, stated that he intends to organize these contests in October. According to the Ministry’s decision, the written test will be held on October 12. The interview and the CV’s assessment will be held from October 17 to November 17. The results of the contest are scheduled to be announced on November 18, being followed by a period for filling appeals: November 21 to 23.

The bill, including the amendment, will reach the Senate’s plenary on Monday. If it will be adopted, it will stay five more days in Parliament, where it can be challenged. Subsequently, President Klaus Iohannis will have 20 days to promulgate it.



Clotilde Armand: Mrs. Andronescu would better answer in front of the prosecutors for the Microsoft case


The counselor of the Save Romania union (USR – Uniunea Salvati Romania), from the 1st District Town Hall, had a virulent reaction on the amendment introduced by the Senate Education Committee, which postpones the organization of the contest for school manager and deputy manager until the 2017 summer holiday.

“PSD’s intervention on the organization of the contest for school managers is unacceptable. By postponing this national contest in order not to be held in October, PSD Senator Ecaterina Andronescu is trying to keep the politicizing of the school leaderships, so that they will continue to be under the PSD party-clients’ monopoly.

USR appreciates that Mrs. Andronescu would better answer in front of the prosecutors and judges for her involvement in the Microsoft case, and let alone the organization of this national contest for the school manager position, which would make the school leadership to professionalize again and depoliticize.

USR supports all the structures in the public system to professionalize and depoliticize, so that they can serve exclusively the citizen’s interest, and not party-clients’ interests”, reacted Clotilde Armand.

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