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September 26, 2021

Tariceanu: I unhesitatingly accepted to take a lie detector test, DNA is trying to compromise me

Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu claims he “unhesitatingly” accepted to take a lie detector test in Bogdan Olteanu’s case, accusing the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) of trying to compromise him by leaking false information.

“This morning I showed up at the DNA headquarters in order to answer the prosecutors’ questions, in my capacity as witness in the case in which Bogdan Olteanu is investigated. As known, in the investigative stage the procedure does not allow the parties involved – prosecutors, witnesses, lawyers etc. – to publicly reveal the contents of the talks with the prosecutor handling the case. I observed this legal obligation, as seen when I left the DNA hearings. Unfortunately, the law was respected unilaterally, only by me, because the DNA leadership’s obvious purpose is lately to try to compromise my public imagine in view of the parliamentary elections. The DNA leadership’s “modus operandi” is also made possible by the fact that prosecutors are not held accountable in any way for the abuses they commit,” Tariceanu points out in a communique issued last Thursday.

He once again criticised the fact that the press had been informed in a timely fashion about the exact hour of the hearings, “so that the images showing the Speaker of the Romanian Senate entering the DNA offices would have their destructive PR effect.”

“Instead of concerning the correct solving of case files, the hearings of politicians at the DNA have become sources of press rumours and compromising images. The fight against corruption, for which the DNA was established, has become a front behind which a veritable partisan battle is taking place. Based on this well-known reality, I was not surprised by the fact that “judicial sources,” meaning sources from within the DNA, as stated by several broadcasters, leaked a series of so-called information. For instance, that I did not answer some questions under the pretext that I don’t recall, so on and so forth,” the Senate Speaker emphasised.

He pointed out he accepted the prosecutor’s lie detector test proposal.

“I released this communique because I want this to be extremely clear for everyone: I showed up at the DNA in observance of the law, I gave honest answers to the prosecutors’ questions, in good faith and out of the desire for truth to emerge. That is why I unhesitatingly accepted the prosecutor’s proposal to willingly take a lie detector test, even though it is not recognised as evidence in court. I had no procedural obligation and nobody could have forced me to accept this test. (…) I also want you to know I will not give in to pressure, to attempts to intimidate and bring into disrepute, regardless of their source,” reads Tariceanu’s public message.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu went to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) last Thursday morning in order to be heard as a witness in the case in which Bogdan Olteanu, currently under house arrest, is investigated for allegedly receiving 1 million Euros from businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu in return for interceding with members of the Government. Prior to the hearing, the Senate Speaker issued a press release.

“This morning, at 9 a.m., Mr. Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Speaker of the Romanian Senate, was invited at the DNA. The invitation was sent two days ago but the Senate Speaker did not publicly reveal it in order to see whether the DNA is continuing to leak information to the press for propaganda-electioneering purposes. The press found out about it and was present at the DNA before the hearing,” reads the Romanian Senate’s communique.

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