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June 26, 2022

Teamshare, an integrated e-commerce platform that reduces by 40% the activity in the call centers companies

The automation of the business processes reduces the activity of the call centers departments of the companies  to 40%, say the Teamshare experts, the largest e-commerce platform 100% integrated in Romania. The reduction of the phone calls and their duration occurs gradually, and the first significant results are visible after only three months from the implementation of this solution.

By integrating the e-commerce platform with accounting and management systems used on the site to show automatically the updated information about the stock , price, balance, credit limit, invoices and receipts. According to the Teamshare specialists, the automation of the business processes streamlines the processing flow  and the products delivery, generating in the same time, the transfer of the call center traffic to the site.

“The education of the customers to use the online platform instead of calling is a continuous effort. It is important for them to know that they could have online access to all the necessary information, at any time, without having to talk on the phone with the distributor sales team. But it’s all about the confidence that customers have in the online information. To increase the number of the people who are using the site as a source of information, the companies must provide their online platforms and as clear and detailed answers to the common questions” , said Marius Panait (photo), Managing Partner Entelion Software, the developer of Teamshare platform.

According to him, reducing the call center activity is made gradually, the effects of the adoption of the integrated e-commerce platform being immediately visible to the accustomed customers with online area. But, for those who are not familiar with the online orders, it takes more effort and support, including the video tutorials and the explicit site trainings to help them get used to the electronic commerce.

In addition, the companies that want to further reduce the degree of activity of the call center can deploy also promotions, only available on the site, to getting the customers to opt for the online orders instead of the telephone ones.

The Teamshare data show that, by adopting an integrated e-commerce platform, the companies have not only benefited from the reduced occupancy in the call center, but also of the increase online sales. Thus, one of the companies that are using Teamshare, present both online and offline, had over 75% of the total orders generated by the site, after two years of the operational process automation with integrated e-commerce platform.

Teamshare is an e-commerce platform integrated with accounting systems and ERP administration, that addresses both business to business customers and business to consumer. The platform is currently used by over 200 clients in Romania and countries like Britain, France, Austria or Russia.

Teamshare is developed by Entelion Software, a company with 100% domestic capital, present on the Romanian market since 2003.

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