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May 23, 2022

Rebel Brown, expert in Business Neuroscience: “The most important threat of a company is not the competition, but the limits self-imposed by managers and employees, as well as their resistance to change”

Rebel Brown, a renowned expert in business neuroscience and one of the Top 100 women in “Computing” at global level, will hold for the first time in Bucharest the Conference “Reprogramming the Business Mind for Success”. The conference will take place on November 15 and it will by the first Business Neuroscience Conference in Romania. Top managers and entrepreneurs will learn from Rebel Brown how to implement the discoveries in neurosciences to designing innovative strategies which will bring the best results for their organization, according to the organizers.

“I’ve been working with leaders from organizations worldwide for more than 30 years, and I have acquired together with them remarkable results for their companies, using applied techniques from neurosciences. In my experience as a consultant, it was easy for me to notice that the most important threat for a company is not the competition, but the limits self-imposed by the managers and employees, as well as their resistance to change. At the conference and the workshop I will hold, we will see why we are programmed not to take the best decisions in business, and how to change this situation using specific techniques, or which are the key-instincts that limit the business success and how to overcome them in order to have a profitable business”, says Rebel Brown, business neuroscience expert, Silicon Valley, USA.

For more than 25 years, Rebel Brown was consultant in high technology for top executives, she designed market and product strategies, being recognized as a renowned expert in organizational change. Rebel Brown have worked with more than 300 international organizations, she knows what works and what doesn’t work in a company and, especially how to coordinate teams to achieve outstanding results.

The partners of the event are eJobs, GPeC, Doing Business (strategic partners), Business Woman, 9AM News, Nine O’Clock, The Trends (media partners). The event is organized by Creative&Bright, in partnership with the communication agency Confident Communications.



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