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The 8th edition of “Marketing in Direct” Conference to be held on September 29: The time invested in your business can get funny valences

In a list that includes some of the most impactful people in the world, such as President Vladimir Putin, humanitarians Bill and Melinda Gates and even the Pope, it’s a little bit surprising to meet the name of someone whose job is “the host of a night talk-show”. But that’s exactly what happened when “Fortune” magazine placed Jimmy Fallon among the greatest 50 leaders of the world.

Yet, hot was it possible? Simply because Fallon loves people, and people love him in their turn. Probably Paul McCartney described him the best: “He’s a big fan of people with the same enthusiasm like them, but who happens to have his own talk-show”.

Here are three principles followed by Fallon, which you can use for yourself and for your business:

  1. Be authentic

Carmine Gallo, the author of “Talk Like TED”, said: “An original personification takes hours of work, digging into the depths of your soul and choosing the most adequate words, to optimally represent your feelings towards the subject in order to get their maximum impact, making yourself sure, in the same time,  that non-verbal communication – the gestures, the facial expressions, the body language – supports the message that you wish to communicate.”

Want to be more authentic? Be open to new ideas, to new people… and especially to your real personality. Experiencing the world by having an open approach reduces prejudices and fear, which are the real brakes of the originality. In business, this means not only sharing your mission, passion and vocation, but also dedicating time in order to really listen other people.

  1. Focus on relationships

Although seems to be simple, many of us find it difficult to pay attention to other people. But it’s not Fallon’s case! Authentic relationships are the ones that make fans to be devoted and Fallon’s fame, in the middle of the night, was based on his ability to develop them. Having a natural ability to connect to anybody, the attention he pays to relationships cannot be ignored. He knows a conversation builds a relation and, in front of an audience, the relation extends to the whole room. How can he create relationships with clients, especially in business area? Personalization is the key. From emails specially based on previous experiences with the customer, you can optimize the whole experience that the consumer has by interacting with your company. 75 percent of the studied cases in marketing, according to a survey released by GetResponse, have attested that personalization has “a significant impact” in maintaining the relationship with the customer. These are strong arguments for which you should develop your relationships.

  1. Socialize on virtual platforms

Social media means for Fallon to instantly connect to his audience, and his presence in the virtual environment is enviable. Every week, he creates a new hashtag, inviting spectators to participate to the show by sharing their experiences. Fallon’s ability to keep up with social networking platforms caused countless hilarious moments, millions of people laughing at his jokes.

The organizers of the 8th edition of the Conference called “Marketing in Direct” invite you on September 29, 2016 to find out how their speakers managed to place their business on the map of those business to be followed as models:

Zoe Cairns – the No.1 specialist in Social Media and Online Marketing in UK, who already has over 500 brands until now, comes for the first time in Romania to get us up to date with the occidental trends.

Daniela Tudor – Communication and Personal Branding Consultant, was always present in the pioneering area with her projects, from the first HR magazine to the first site for women in Romania.

Marian Alecsiu – The F64 co-founder, comes to speak about the challenges of a niche business and about building a loyal community.

Oana Sav – Marketing Consultant – Chartered Marketer Oxford College of Marketing, coordinated at the theoretical level hundreds of marcomm specialists in the next step of their career.

Stela Toderasu – Avon Senior Manager Commercial Marketing, will present the success of the Avon Space Facebook page, having 1 million fans, as a study case.

Alexandru Negrea – Social Media Consultant, a pioneer in the “personal blogging” since 2006, holds social media marketing and communication courses, already graduated by more than 300 companies.

Denis Todirica – passionate by the online entrepreneurship and included in the Forbes “30 under 30” list, is co-founder of Glazeon, the first Romanian start-up supported by Start-up Chile.

Rares Branescu – CEO at retargeting.biz, demolishes the average of 1 percent when it comes about online conversion, showing us how companies can reach 10 percent.

Alex Dona – the owner of the Infant Media, reveals us some of the secrets of a media cross platform specialist and TimesNewRoman.ro’s challenges.

Mihaela Tatu – former TV personality, currently Persolog Certified Trainer following the DISC model, comes to speak from the heart about her passion for people and for correct communication.

Mirela Bucovicean – founder of Molecule F (2010), the first platform for promotion and sales for Romanian designers, a powerful concept which have already caused a trend on the market. In less than one year, Molecule F became “the revelation in the Romanian fashion” and a benchmark in the industry, according to the criticists.

The discussion will be moderated throughout the whole day at the Diplomatic Club, by the expert in Communication & Public Speaking Laura Dragomir.

Fallon firmly asserts that his goal is to make people laugh, so that they can go to sleep with a big smile on ther face and live a longer life. Wouldn’t it be also our goal in everything we do for our brand and our customers? To have fun? Together, if it’s possible.

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