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October 31, 2020

US ambassador Klemm says corruption in public sector is theft of Romania national wealth

Corruption by misappropriation of public funds is theft of Romania’s national wealth, said on Tuesday the United States of America ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm (photo R).

Corruption means a diversion of public resources, a theft of other resources that could be dedicated to some important national projects, said Klemm. For Romania, it could be about the development of the national infrastructure, roads, railways, energy, added he. Or it could be dedicated to protecting the Romanian natural resources, the forests included, or to the Health care sector, which is in dire straits of additional resources, and also to Education, continued Klemm. Whenever an act of corruption occurs in the public sector, (it is) a theft of Romania’s national wealth – it is about that money that could have been used for those national priorities. As a result – (corruption) denies the economic growth, Romania’s progress, it is an obstacle to the emerge and development of the middle class, said Hans Klemm at an event organized by the European Parliament Member Monica Macovei, dedicated to anti-corruption in the business sector.

In his opinion, corruption is weakening the public administration and therefore it determines ‘a stronger migration of the best minds of Romania.’

So, he said, corruption slows down Romania’s whole development process, it undermines the rule of law, the public safety, the country’s stability. (…), it increases the production costs, it harms Romania’s image in the world, when it comes for a foreign company to come and invest here, he added. It undermines the investment climate and the confidence in the public bodies of Romania, Klemm stressed.

The US ambassador also appreciated the efficient practices endorsed in the last 10 years by Romania in the fight against corruption.

The debate was attended by the Justice Minister, Raluca Pruna, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Romania, Paul Brummell, foreign experts in anti-corruption fight, representatives with NGOs and of the British-Romanian Commerce Chamber (BRCC).


UK’s ambassador Brummel: Romania makes efforts to fight corruption but reforms must be finalized


The ambassador of the United Kingdom to Romania, Paul Brummel stated on Tuesday that Romania made great efforts to fight corruption, but work is still to be done in order to finalize the reforms lagging from the last years.

The ambassador said that Romania joined the European Union with the promise to fighting for a cleaner, less corrupt society. He added that the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) reflects that, stressing out during the event organized by Member of European Parliament Monica Macovei dedicated to anti-corruption thematic in the private sector, that Romania committed to reform the judicial system, to fight corruption at all levels and to establish an Integrity Agency.

The British Ambassador added that a significant step is represented by the adoption of the National Anti-corruption Strategy for the next four years by the Bucharest Executive, a document that focuses on a higher transparency and measures in order to grow the public institution’s integrity, but also to give more attention to the education in the anti-corruption spirit.

He added that the UK encourages the Romanian authorities to debate and endorse the most efficient ways to prevent and fight corruption.

The ambassador also mentioned that he is convinced that the UK is and can be in the future a friend and a reliable partner of Romania to progress in the direction wanted by the citizens.

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