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January 28, 2023

Blaga’s star waning within PNL?

The National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) decision to subpoena Vasile Blaga for hearings in a new case on Monday has muddled things up within the National Liberal Party (PNL), several sources quoted by stiripesurse.ro claim.

After prosecutors explained that Blaga was heard in a corruption case, things were set in motion within PNL.

According to the aforementioned source, the barons of the former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) are starting to mobilise in order to remove Blaga, something that heavyweight members of the old PNL also seem to agree with. A decision to pull Vasile Blaga out of the limelight, since he is vulnerable at this moment and it is not known exactly what turn the DNA case will take, was discussed in a closed circle top-level meeting. Sources from the old PDL explained for stiripesurse.ro that the old network of Vasile Blaga’s opponents was reactivated on Monday.

The sources quoted by the news website claim that Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca could be a potential leader of the mutiny. Falca wants to move up to high-level politics for good, and he clearly expressed his desire, within the party, to be placed on PNL’s short-list of potential nominees for the office of Prime Minister. Vasile Blaga is precisely the person standing in the way of Falca’s rise.

Relations between the former PDL’s two heavyweight politicians have been controversial for a very long time. The most heated episode took place after the European Parliament elections of 2014, when tensions reached fever-pitch highs. The leadership of the old PDL convened in a secret meeting attended only by really important party leaders. At that meeting, Falca and his supporters were about to decapitate Vasile Blaga, but the PDL leader pulled an ace out of his sleeve: he proposed a rapid alliance with PNL and called PNL President Crin Antonescu by phone. With Antonescu on the speaker, Blaga managed to neutralise Falca’s supporters and started the project that today represents the merger between PDL and PNL. As a bonus, Vasile Blaga tasked Falca with being his liaison with PNL, through procedural steps that were to be taken subsequent to that meeting.

This episode is still alive in the memory of old PDL’s heavyweight leaders and now the knives are being sharpened again. Based on information obtained by stiripesurse.ro, Falca is looking for allies.

It remains to be seen how Vasile Blaga’s case file evolves at the DNA and how it will influence his political future.

However, Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca denies the allegations he is one of the former Democrat Liberals who want to take advantage of PNL Co-President Blaga’s legal case in order to remove him from the helm of the party.

Falca dismisses the rumours circulating within PNL and claims he did not take part in such talks. “Nothing is true. I’ve actually been in hospital in recent days, I haven’t been closely involved in politics,” the Arad Mayor told stiripesurse.ro.

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