OLAF’s Kessler on anti-fraud fight: Situation not quite positive in Romania, other EU countries too

The Director General of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), Giovanni Kessler appreciated on Wednesday the efforts of the Romanian authorities in the anti-fraud fight, but pointed out that the situation in Romania as well as in other European countries is not ‘quite positive.’

According to Giovanni Kessler, he started these meetings with the Romanian Department for Anti-Fraud Fight, the DLAF out of obvious reasons, since the institution is the reference point to the OLAF, its main partner in Romania to their joint work. The DLAF is the success model of the anti-fraud strategy in Romania, said Giovanni Kessler in the end of a meeting he had with the officials of the DLAF, of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA)’s, of the Justice Ministry’s and of other ministries and public bodies.

Anti-fraud and anti-corruption are not only problems of the investigators or prosecutors and justices, the important elements of the anti-fraud strategy, said Kessler. The strategy should change things, a situation that is not quite positive in Romania, as well as it is not in other European countries either. If we try to make a better society, without fraud and corruption, which is not a very simple task, yet possible, we must work together, added Kessler who appreciated the efforts and outcome achieved so far.

In his turn, the DLAF head, Marius Catalin Vartic labelled the collaboration with the OLAF as a strategic pillar, the second one being the collaboration with the DNA.

According to an audit spanning from 2007 to 2013, the value of the projects where suspicion of fraud and irregularities were found to was over 1.3 billion euro, and the estimated financial impact value in case of the irregularities and possible frauds discovered was over 231 million euro.

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