Petre Roman wins war with ANI, becomes MP once again

On Tuesday, Petre Roman received the Lower Chamber’s approval to retake his seat as MP, a seat he had to vacate in February 2015 after a National Integrity Agency (ANI) report accused him of incompatibility.

The decision was adopted with an overwhelming number of votes – 216 votes in favour, one abstention and one vote against. Former Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea was the MP who abstained.

Valeriu Zgonea emphasised that the Lower Chamber should only take note of decisions, and the fact that the MPs have admitted to making a mistake when revoking Petre Roman is a dangerous precedent for democracy.

Well over a year and a half since losing his seat in the Lower Chamber, on account of incompatibility problems, Petre Roman returns to Parliament. The Lower Chamber adopted a decision in this sense on Tuesday. Roman, elected PNL MP in 2012, lost his seat in February 2015 after the National Integrity Agency (ANI) ruled he was incompatible.

The Roman-ANI litigation dates back to March 2014. There is no final ruling in this case since the Court of Appeals ruling issued in April 2016, a ruling that settled the litigation in the ex-Premier’s favour, was challenged by the National Integrity Agency.

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