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March 24, 2023

Spokeswoman Dobrovolschi: Presidential Committee on Country Project to complete a political document

President’s spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi, stated on Tuesday that the Presidential Committee won’t complete a list of measures in regards to the Country Project, but a political document will be fathered with development and upgrading directions of Romania.

“This committee won’t come up with a list of measures, it won’t be a strategy. It will be a political document, in which objectives, some clear targets will be drawn to show how Romania should develop, what development and what upgrading directions Romania must follow in the next period, practically how we want Romania to look like as a EU member, what level of ambitions we want to have as a EU member, what our place is, our role in the EU. (…) We cannot speak of a superposition of this project over other strategies, over governance projects, because that is not the meaning of this country project. It’s a project on medium and long term, meaning we overcome the everyday issues, political fights or current interests, but every political party will have the opportunity to promote their own ideas through this committee,” Dobrovolschi said.

She revealed that this Presidential Committee has a political component, because it’s made up of representatives of all parliamentary parties.

“This should guarantee the political support – a very important element because these objectives must be beyond controversies, beyond the contextual parties’ interests, they must be general things, very clear targets that must stay no matter what happens on the public stage daily,” the President’s spokeswoman stated.

According to her, the Country Project will be submitted to the public debate.

“We don’t expect a strategy, because in the last period a lot of strategies were made, we don’t expect a list of measures, but clear objectives that could be embraced and politically supported,” Dobrovolschi pointed out.

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