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August 3, 2021

Victor Ponta shuts the door to Bogdan Diaconu: I can’t play for two teams, I’m playing for PSD

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta stated on Monday, exclusively for Romania TV, that he wants to help the Social Democratic Party (PSD) win a big score in the parliamentary elections, in order for it to be able to form a Government along with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE). The ex-Premier also said that there is the need for a nationalist party in Romania, a niche only the United Romania Party (PRU) is currently filling.

Victor Ponta reaffirmed his intention to remain a member of PSD and to actively take part in the elections campaign.

“I want to help PSD win such a high score that it would form a majority along with ALDE and they would govern together,” Victor Ponta said.

Asked to comment on the fact that PRU President Bogdan Diaconu is still expecting him to join his party, Ponta said: “I can’t play for two teams, I’m playing for PSD. I believe there is the need for a nationalist party, not an extremist one. PRU hasn’t grown to 3-4 percent in the polls thanks to me, but because it’s an active party. (…) PRU has found a niche because other nationalist parties no longer exist.”

PSD MP Sebastian Ghita had recently stated that Liviu Dragnea and Victor Ponta did not reach “a definitive solution” and PRU is still waiting for Ponta to join its ranks as party president and candidate for the office of Premier.

Ghita said he does not trust the agreement that Victor Ponta and PSD President Liviu Dragnea reached on the ex-Premier’s political future, pointing out that in his point of view things are not definitively clarified between the two.

“Each of us chooses the way he manages his career. From what I know, there is yet to be a definitive solution between Liviu Dragnea and Victor Ponta, so to speak. And the United Romania Party is waiting for Victor Ponta to join its ranks and is waiting for him to do so as party president. The moment Victor Ponta feels that things far harsher than can be said within PSD have to be said in Romania, I am sure he will take the step. Or the moment Liviu Dragnea fails to keep his promise to Victor Ponta,” Sebastian Ghita commented on the political relationship between Ponta and Dragnea.

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