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May 16, 2021

DNA: Ioana Basescu and Elena Udrea, accused of illegal campaign contributions in 2009

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) accuses Ioana Basescu (photo), ex-President’s eldest daughter, of instigating malfeasance in office and instigating money laundering, in a case concerning the way the elections campaign was financed in 2009. Elena Udrea is accused of money laundering.

DNA prosecutors have ordered the start of the criminal prosecution and 60-day court supervision, starting on September 22, against the following defendants:

Nastasia Gheorghe, secretary general of the Regional Development and Tourism Ministry at the time of the guilty act, for passive bribery;

Tarhon Victor, Chairman of the Tulcea County Council at the time of the guilty act, for passive bribery;

Wagner Ioan Silviu, CEO of a state-owned company at the time of the guilty act, for malfeasance in office committed by the civil servant with the purpose of obtaining undue benefits for self or for others;

Udrea Elena Gabriela, person directly involved in the campaign of one of the candidates in the presidential elections of 2009, currently member of the Lower Chamber, for 5 counts of money laundering;

Basescu Ioana, public notary, daughter of the incumbent Romanian President at the time, for:

  • Instigating malfeasance in office committed by the civil servant with the purpose of obtaining undue benefits for self or for others;
  • Instigating money laundering (2 counts);

Francesco Giovanni-Mario, businessman, for:

  • Tax evasion;
  • Money laundering (2 counts);


Traian Basescu furious with Laura Codruta Kovesi: “She’s a lackey! She has ruined my family”


After his daughter was remanded on conditional bail, the ex-President launched a series of accusations against the director of the National Anticorruption Directorate. Laura Codruta Kovesi “is the lackey of Klaus Iohannis,” the ex-President said in an angry outburst, adding that the DNA has ruined his family. His brother Mircea Basescu is already behind bars.

“Kovesi and several other lackeys want to clear their image. Kovesi has an opponent from now on. Me. She went too far with her servility. Basescu appointed me but I’m serving Iohannis. That’s what she wants. To protect herself. I never involved my daughter. It’s a huge lie. The case file was completely ill prepared. They needed to clear their image after the recent incidents.”

“With agitators, forgeries and frame-ups, this Kovesi, whom I invented too, has ruined almost all of my family. I don’t believe Iohannis will ever appoint me Premier, but Kovesi and the DNA could not have called up people to indict them without seeing the case file. This evening Ms. Kovesi has to issue a communique to the nation. I believed she would prosecute just like Daniel Morar did. During Daniel Morar’s tenure it was a sober institution that did not resort to circus. Ms. Kovesi has revealed her character. Sacrificing people to consolidate your office. To receive awards from a foreign ambassador,” Basescu stated on RTV.

The current PMP President went even further with his statements, threatening that he “will be the opponent of some bastards who are sacrificing people for offices.”

“They’ve destroyed my brother, my nephew, my son-in-law. They said they want to jail the mother and father so that I’ll obtain the custody of my grandchildren. She was summoned at the DNA at 8 a.m., she spent 10 minutes there, she was left to wait on the hallway for 4 hours. After 4 hours she was informed of the charges. If she thought she’ll intimidate me, she’s wrong. I will be the opponent of some bastards who are sacrificing people for offices. Ioana never had a nanny for her child. If Radu doesn’t see his mother, he cries. The little one’s face was swollen after crying for four hours. Maybe Kovesi enjoys this. Ioana is not frightened, she’s a rational person. She came home because the baby was crying. Kovesi has dishonoured the baby. Ioana is a strong adult. It’s on account of the baby that I won’t forget this. She is bragging: “I’ve arrested those who appointed me.” I don’t believe this is Klaus Iohannis. I don’t believe a President would order his subordinates to do this. The lackeys’ initiatives go beyond what the Presidents say too.”

“I can’t wait to be summoned in court, whether in Ms. Udrea’s or Ms. Bica’s case. I could be a witness in Alina Bica’s trial and reveal more than I can reveal to you. I’m denied the right to be a witness in Alina Bica’s trial, which is very wrong. A moment will come when I’ll start to speak publicly. State institutions cannot transform the state into a mafia state that orders arrests as it pleases. I want to be a witness in Ms. Bica’s trial. The courts refused, and it’s not fair. I am publicly asking to be heard in relation to Bica, Udrea and the former ANI President, in court,” Basescu added on RTV.


“ Prosecutors close to DNA Director Codruta Kovesi vow I will have to ask for the custody of one of my grandchildren because they will arrest the parents”


The ex-President stated in a talk-show on Wednesday evening that some prosecutors who are close to DNA Director Codruta Kovesi vow they will arrest the parents of one of his grandchildren. He added that a day will come when he will have to reveal their names.

“It’s the same way in which Ms. Kovesi was threatening the Constitutional Court, Parliament. It’s not the first time, however she was permitted this modus operandi because she is the one holding the handcuffs and she can handcuff me or you, or my baby, or whomever she wants. In fact, I found out from DNA sources that there is a small group of prosecutors who vow they will force me to ask for the custody of one of my grandchildren, meaning they will arrest the grandchild’s parents,” ex-President Traian Basescu stated on Romania TV when asked to comment on Codruta Kovesi’s decision to defend one of her colleagues at the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) on Wednesday.

Traian Basescu stated that the prosecutors’ thirst for revenge is impacting his children, also mentioning his brother Mircea Basescu’s case.

“It seems that yes, my brother is in jail, nobody wanted to see that Capatana took the money, managed them and they ended up at the President of the Slatina Court. Thank God the Constanta Court of Appeals didn’t seize his house too,” Basescu said when asked whether the prosecutors’ thirst for revenge is impacting his daughters.

For the time being, Traian Basescu refused to reveal the identity of the prosecutors concerned, however he suggested that prosecutor Mirica, whose infraction of discipline was discussed by CSM on Wednesday, is a member of this group of prosecutors.

“I generally know [who they are] but I won’t reveal it publicly. There are a few prosecutors very close to Ms. Kovesi, whom she appointed as aides, appointed in offices after they solved certain case files. (…) The day will come when I’ll have to publicly reveal their names,” Traian Basescu said.

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