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March 22, 2023

Nicusor Dan, about the USR candidates: We are waiting people like Ciolos, Ghinea, Voiculescu

Nicusor Dan (photo), the President of the Save Romania Union (USR – Uniunea Salvati Romania), stated on Tuesday that he will announce the name of the candidates for the parliamentary elections in the last days of the period in which the lists can be submitted, including whether he will be on the list or not. Nicusor Dan also mentioned that there are talks with 5 or 6 members of the current Government related to their potential candidacy on behalf of USR, but he didn’t nominate them.

“I’ve nominated three people that fit to the type of people we expect in USR and that correspond to our expectations from USR. I’ve nominated Mr. Ghinea, Mr. Voiculescu and Dacian Ciolos itself. I maintain my assertions. Of course I will not tell you to whom we are talking, because it’s not fair to them”, stated Nicusor Dan, quoted by News.ro.

President of Save Romania Union said there are some talks with “five or six ministers” about their potential candidacy at the parliamentary elections on behalf of USR.

Nicusor Dan didn’t want to tell who are the ministers to whom he is talking, but only who doesn’t meet the profile’s requirements for the candidate representing USR in the elections.

“I appreciate neither Vasile Dincu, nor Florin Georgescu fit to the technocrat concept like Dacian Ciolos does, because they are very close to PSD”, said Dan.

Nicusor Dan, who was placed on the second position after Gabriela Firea at the local elections for the Bucharest City Hall, is now a general counselor. He said he doesn’t know yet if he will leave this position for a parliamentary mandate.

“We didn’t take the decision yet. But we will take it very soon, probably next week. There are two things in balance. One is that, since I was a candidate for the General Council, people in Bucharest gave me the mandate – we’re trying to make some things for them here. (…) And the other is that people are waiting a guarantee for the list of people we propose in Parliament, and one of the guarantees should be that one of the known persons from the party will be there. Broadly, these are the arguments on one side and on the other”, explained the USR President.

Nicusor Dan also said that he will not negotiate with the political parties in order to support a PM, but he will negotiate the government program with the designated PM, without asking positions for ministers, state secretaries or heads of decentralized institutions.

The transformation of the Save Bucharest Union (USB – Uniunea Salvati Bucurestiul), the registered political formation under whose logo Nicusor Dan was a candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, in Save Romania Union (USR – Uniunea Salvati Romania), will be analyzed by the Bucharest Court’s judges, who will decide, most likely next month, if the legal requirements are fulfilled.


Ghinea confirms negotiations for entering in USR


European Funds Minister, Cristian Ghinea, confirmed on Wednesday, for Ziare.com, that he is negotiating with Nicusor Dan’s party, Save Romania Union (Uniunea Salvati Romania), for the parliamentary elections.

“I had discussions with USR leadership, the party that wishes to change the manner of making politics in Romania, and the party that assumed in public that wishes to continue the Ciolos Government’s projects.

The solidarity of these honest people impressed us. I and some of my colleagues, ministers and secretaries of state, are considering if we are more useful by continuing specific projects for two more months, or trying to rescue the big project. We will take a decision in the next two weeks”, stated Ghinea.

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