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June 25, 2022

The Presidential Committee on Country Project has been created.Leonard Orban and Cosmin Marinescu will coordinate the works of the committee

The Presidential Committee on the Country Project has been created; it will be consisting in personalities, two representatives of each parliamentary party, and one representative of the Government. The committee’s activity will be coordinated by two presidential advisors.

The presidential advisors who will coordinate the works of the committee are Leonard Orban and Cosmin Marinescu, announced on Tuesday the Presidential Administration’s spokesman, Madalina Dobrovolschi.

She mentioned that the first meeting of the committee will take place in the next period and it will be chaired by President Klaus Iohannis.

Mid next year, the committee should present a political document on the country project and finish its work.

The initiative of creating the committee was taken after President Klaus Iohannis has held consultations with political leaders immediately after Brexit, when the question of a country project was raised in the new European context.


Lucian Croitoru, Valentin Lazea, Cristian Parvulescu and Iulian Chifu, in the Committee on the Country Project


Lucian Croitoru and Valentin Laze from BNR (National Bank of Romania), the sociologist Dan Dungaciu, Vasile Puscas, Cristian Parvulescu, the former presidential advisor Iulian Chifu and Ioan-Aurel Pop, the Rector of the Babes-Bolyai University, are among the personalities included in the Presidential Committee on the Country Project.

Thus, the full list of the ten politically independent personalities included in the Presidential Committee, is: Cristian Popa, former Vice Governor of BNR and Vice President of the European Investment Bank; Dan Dungaciu, sociologist and geo-politician, President of the Black Sea Foundation (Fundatia Marii Negre); Gabriela Dragan, professor at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, General Manager of the European Institute in Romania; Ioan-Aurel Pop, Rector at Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca; Gheorghe Oprescu, professor at Bucharest Polytechnic University and former President of the Competition Council; Lucian Croitoru, adviser of the BNR Governor on monetary policy issues; Vasile Puscas, professor at Babes-Bolyai University and former chief-negotiator for EU accession; Cristian Parvulescu, political scientist, President of the Pro Democratia Association; Valentin Lazea, BNR chief-economist, and Iulian Chifu, former presidential adviser of President Traian Basescu.

Also, all of the parliamentary parties, including national minorities, have appointed two members in the Presidential Committee which will prepare the Country Project.

PSD has nominated in the Presidential Committee: MP Viorel Stefan, President of the Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Budget, Finance and Banking, and Marius Nica, former European Funds Minister.

PNL has nominated Ene Dinga, former European Integration Minister in the Tariceanu Government, and Adrian Ciocanea, university professor and former head of the Directorate for European Affairs in the USL Government led by Victor Ponta.

UDMR representatives in the Presidential Committee are the MEP Winkler Gyula and the MP Attila Korodi, former Minister of the Environment in two turns, in Victor Ponta’s Government.

ALDE has nominated Cosmin Cristian, former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration in the Ponta Government, and Radu Cojocaru, former PNL MP in the legislature of the 1996-2000 period.

PMP has appointed in the Presidential Committee: Siegfried Muresan, MEP and PPE spokesman, and Lucian Alexandru Curtu, Dean of the Faculty of Forestry and Forestry Exploitations at Transilvania University of Brasov.

National minorities’ representatives are the MP Varujan Pambuccian, the leader of the group of minorities in the Chamber of Deputies, and MP Ovidiu Gant.

Government has appointed Vasile Iuga, PwC senior advisor, in the Presidential Committee.


Spokeswoman Dobrovolschi: Presidential Committee on Country Project to complete a political document


President’s spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi, stated on Tuesday that the Presidential Committee won’t complete a list of measures in regards to the Country Project, but a political document will be fathered with development and upgrading directions of Romania.

“This committee won’t come up with a list of measures, it won’t be a strategy. It will be a political document, in which objectives, some clear targets will be drawn to show how Romania should develop, what development and what upgrading directions Romania must follow in the next period, practically how we want Romania to look like as a EU member, what level of ambitions we want to have as a EU member, what our place is, our role in the EU. (…) We cannot speak of a superposition of this project over other strategies, over governance projects, because that is not the meaning of this country project. It’s a project on medium and long term, meaning we overcome the everyday issues, political fights or current interests, but every political party will have the opportunity to promote their own ideas through this committee,” Dobrovolschi said.

She revealed that this Presidential Committee has a political component, because it’s made up of representatives of all parliamentary parties.

“This should guarantee the political support – a very important element because these objectives must be beyond controversies, beyond the contextual parties’ interests, they must be general things, very clear targets that must stay no matter what happens on the public stage daily,” the President’s spokeswoman stated.

According to her, the Country Project will be submitted to the public debate.

“We don’t expect a strategy, because in the last period a lot of strategies were made, we don’t expect a list of measures, but clear objectives that could be embraced and politically supported,” Dobrovolschi pointed out.


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