Ana Maria Patru, about the 600,000 people registered in the Electoral Register: The Permanent Electoral Authority has imported data from MAI

Ana Maria Patru (photo), President of the Permanent Electoral Authority, explained on Wednesday the existence in the Electoral Register of the 600,000 Romanian people residing abroad. She mentioned that the data are imported from the General Passports Directorate within MAI (Ministry of Interior), where these persons were recorded based on their passport, with the mention “domicile abroad”.

“I want everybody to understand that AEP (Permanent Electoral Authority – e.n.) has imported data from the General Passports Directorate within the Ministry of Interior, where more than 600,000 Romanian citizens were recorded based on the passport having the mention ‘domicile abroad’, the so-called CRDS passport, which is the only identity document they have. Therefore, these citizens have always existed in the Romanian state’s records, and it’s natural for them to automatically be recorded also in the Electoral Register as Romanian citizens having the right to vote in the constituency for the Romanian in Diaspora”, stated Ana Maria Patru for Agerpres.

According to the AEP’s data, from the total number of 609,962 Romanian citizens registered in the Electoral Register as having the domicile or the residence abroad, the data related to a number of 600,290 people represents the import from the Passports Directorate. The difference of 9,672 people is given by the Romanian citizens having the domicile in Romania and the residence abroad. Among them, 6,937 people opted to vote by correspondence, and 2,735 people opted to vote in a polling station close to their home.

Ana Maria Patru said that the number of requests submitted by the citizens in Diaspora in which they opt to vote by correspondence or in a polling station (which is over 10,000) is confused with the total number of the citizens registered in the Electoral Register.

“AEP has made public only now, and not earlier, the total number, because, according to the law, it has the obligation to communicate to the Central Electoral Bureau within 24 hours from its constitution, the total number of the voters registered in the Electoral Register and the minimum number of signatures necessary for supporting the candidates at the national level and at the constituency level. It would be absurd to think that there are only a few more than 10,000 Romanians having the right to vote abroad”, added the AEP President.

At the same time, the institution specifies that each Romanian citizen is registered only once in the Electoral Register and any attempt of multiple vote will be prevented by the computer system that will monitor the turnout and prevent the illegal voting, which will be also used in the polling stations abroad.

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) announced early this week that few more than 9,000 request for registering in the Electoral Registered submitted by the Romanian voters having the domicile abroad have been validated. Among them, 6,673 voters have mentioned their option for the vote by correspondence, while 2,443 voters have opted for voting in the polling stations.

Romanian citizens will be also able to vote in the polling stations attached to the diplomatic missions, as well as in the additional ones, established in cities where at least 100 requests have been registered in this regard, by the Romanian people residing there.


Daniel Tecu, FADERE President: A new slap applied to the Romanians in Diaspora


The mentions of the AEP President have been made in the circumstances in which one day before, the President of the Federation of Romanian Associations in Europe (FADERE), Daniel Tecu, addressed a release entitled “A new slap applied to the Romanians in Diaspora”, by which he strongly condemned the manner “in which great parties, PNL and PSD, continue to conspire against Diaspora”.

We present below this letter:

“Yesterday (e.n. – on Tuesday), the Permanent Electoral Authority announced that the number of the voters in Diaspora registered in the Electoral Register has reached 609,962 overnight!!! At the end of the registration period, only 9,116 requests submitted by the Romanians having the domicile or residence abroad were announced, out of which 6,673 have opted for the vote by correspondence, while 2,443 have opted for polling stations.

After all the Government’s representatives, including PM Dacian Ciolos, have been complaining for months that only very few people registered themselves in the Electoral Register for Diaspora, their number has suddenly increased 1,000 times in one day.

It is assumed that the 600,000 people are actually Romania citizens having the domicile abroad (with CRDS passport). Strangely, however, is that AEP’s and Government’s representatives have repeatedly urged the people in this category to register themselves in the Electoral Register. If they intended to include them on the permanent lists, why did they tell them to register in the Electoral Register?

We believe this last-minute change affects the independent candidates from Diaspora, who had to gather only 1,000 signatures until now, while subsequently to this change, they will be forced to gather 6,090 adhesions in order to be able to announce their candidacy.

For this reason, we ask the Permanent Electoral Authority to decide that the number of signatures requested for the independent candidates in Diaspora will be 1 percent of the registered people in the Electoral Register, as we were told until now.

It’s very clear that the two important parties, PSD and PNL, are trying anything to prevent Romanian people in Diaspora to candidate. Their goal is to send their political clientele from the country to candidate for the few seats allotted to Diaspora. The problem of these ‘Agamita Dandanache’ who will be sent from the headquarter is that they don’t know the problems of the Romanians abroad and their only concern is to obsequiously fulfill all the orders coming from their political leaders.

On the corridors of the power there are already rumors that what is happening is a maneuver of the Ciolos Government by which the way to the seat of Diaspora’s parliamentarian is smoothed for a minister of the current Government. Only by trammeling the independent candidates, he will be able to succeed”, stated Daniel Tecu, FADERE President.

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