Black Wolves welcomed back home after Afghanistan mission

A church and military ceremonial was held on Friday at the Command of the 15th Podu Inalt Mechanised Brigade of Iasi to welcome back home Romanian training, mentoring and assistance troops deployed to northern and southern Afghanistan.

Attending the welcome ceremony of the Black Wolves returning from a six-month mission to the East were also local administration officials and members of the troops’ families.

“Carrying through a mission is one of the most important achievements of any soldier. We have gathered here to honour the members of the mobile assistance troops who took part in the mission. I am glad you have successfully conducted your mission and returned home safe to your families and your comrades. These were six months full of action when you joined Afghan police officers and soldiers in increasing all the Afghan operations. It was a wear and tear mission, of personal involvement, of patience and a lot of attention to details. Given that this is the first mission of its kind and you managed to achieve your objectives, we are glad that your continual training in Romania has borne fruit,” said Deputy Commander of the 4th Gemina Infantry Division Nicolae Tonu.

For nearly six months, soldiers of the 15th Podu Inalt Mechanised Brigade and the 10th Lower Danube Engineering Brigade conducted training and mentoring of Afghan security forces as part of the NATO Resolute Support mission.

“The complexity of the missions carried out under critical circumstances combined with specific area risks have left an imprint on us. The challenges we faced as well as the limits of the theatres of war made us united, close ranks and honourably represent the 15th Mechanised Brigade of the Romanian Armed Forces. Commendations from our coalition partners have certified the fact that we have successfully completed the tasks entrusted to us. There were good and less happy moments. Through tenacity, perseverance, respect and reciprocal support we have overcome all obstacles,” said officer of the 335th Artillery Battalion of Botosani.

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