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April 12, 2021

Labour Ministry: One child in three in Romania affected by poverty

A new approach is needed to fight poverty, since in Romania’s past years this phenomenon boosted and one child in three is hit by this plague, the Labour Ministry’s state secretary Oana Toiu said on Thursday, according to a release sent on Friday to Agerpres by the relevant ministry.

The Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elders Ministry (MMFPSPV) on Thursday organized a round table on “Corporate Social Responsibility and the National Strategy on Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction 2015-2020. How could private sector and Government collaborate to cut down the number of persons living in poverty?”

“We, as a country, have assumed to get out of poverty by 2020 of more than half a million people, but although the GDP has recorded growths in the last years, the relative poverty increased in its turn and it is ravaging among children: 1 in 3 children is affected by this phenomenon. Poverty is also a hamper to getting a job and if we lose from the active labour force, due to the population’s ageing and migration, it is vital to mobilise the human resources with the vulnerable groups. Another approach is utmost, to ensure access to opportunity, to employment, to social entrepreneurship, to social, medical services, to education so that these families become active contributors in the society. This is what we are working to right now, to implement strategy and package of anti-poverty measures, to guarantee a chance to the ability beyond vulnerability, and for this we need your collaboration as employers, project financiers and message bearers for the employees, for your suppliers and customers,” said Oana Toiu, according to the release.

The National Strategy on Social Inclusion and Poverty Diminishing 2015-2020, endorsed by Romania’s Government through the Government Decision (HG) No. 383/2015, the Integrated Package to fighting poverty, next to the antisaracie.mmuncii.ro website, the Rural Areas Atlases, the Atlas of the Marginalised Urban Areas and the Atlas of the Local Human Development of Romania, as well as other ongoing measures are tools that could orient actions and projects of the private milieu, in addition to the public efforts.

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