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April 23, 2021

Pasarea Rock launches its first music album, The Legend, through a European premiere show

Pasarea Rock launches its first music album, The Legend, in a unique format in Europe and specifically designed to surprise the audience.

Mircea Baniciu, Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică, Josef Kappl, Nicu Patoi and Sorin Voinea  promise an unforgettable experience for the spectators. The topical theme of the event brings in the Romanian traditions, and the show will take place on September 23, 2016 at Arena cu Basme (the Horse Tales Arena), from the Chitilei Road.

The Legend album is the essence of the existence of a band present on the Romanian music market for two and a half years, being the consistent labor and representing the rebirth of the music genre, with influences from the Balkan and Romanian folklore.

“The Pasarea Rock blends the musical style of ’70s with the modern influences and we are glad that through our music we touched the rock lovers of all ages. We are proud to find teenagers who come to our concerts and enjoy the music that we sing with a pleasure of a lifetime” , said Mircea Baniciu.

“In the last two and a half years of the existence of the band, we have achieved many great things. We didn’t stood still, we have worked consistently and our success is beginning to show: we launch Pasarea’s Rock first musical album , completed by the promotional tour in over 10 cities. Through Legend we want to make a difference in the field, in a time when music is devoid of content and message” , added Josef Kappl.

“We grew up and we formed on the rock rhythms, and now it’s time to give back some of what we received and to form the generations that will take the tradition further. With Legend, we intend to bring to the public a hardwood rock album “, said Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică.

The organisers are preparing an exciting and unique show, which will take place under some special effects, stunts and projections, made in a setting film and intended to convey to the public Pasarea Rock’s spirit. In the decorated arena by The Horse Tales, the spectators will be transported into a medieval atmosphere, the band members will be the protagonists of some scenes that will remember of the former outlaws.

The access will be made from 19:00, and the concert is scheduled at 20:00, so the twilight will complete the whole show.

Pasarea  Rock (The Rock Bird) is a project launched on the music market in Romania in March 2014. When they reached the adulthood artistic age, Mircea Baniciu, Josef Kappl and Ovidiu Lipan Ţăndărică have the wisdom not to break with the past, but to seek in common their experience of youth, the power and the strength to carry on a story that made a legend, the story of the band that made them famous, Phoenix. The project is completed by Nicu Sorin Voinea and Nicu Patoi.

Since the beginning, the band has released seven songs, two EPs and a video, and the tournaments supported by Pasarea Rock last year have confirmed, at national level, the success of the project.

Pasarea Rock’s repertory includes the original compositions as Praznic naprasnic, Căluşandra, The Calandrinon Bird, The Legend, Epitaph, Zoreaua, parts of the first rock-symphonic opera, The Manole Master, such as Pe Arges In Jos or The Prayer to the Lord and well known hits interpreted by Mircea Baniciu, Hanul ulciorului nesecat (the Inexhaustible pitcher inn) or Esarfa in dar (The Scarf as a gift).

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