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November 23, 2022

Hungary’s Limelight, winners of iMapp Bucharest

Hungary’s Limelight were designated on Saturday night winners of the third edition of iMapp Bucharest. The Hungarian team also won the public’s award.

Limelight, a Hungarian team with 15 years of experience under its belt and one of the most important groups of 3D video mapping artists, staged the “Interconnection” show on Saturday.

The third edition of iMapp Bucharest, one of the biggest video mapping shows in the world, reached its apex on Saturday, in Constitution Square, where over 104 projectors conquered the more than 20,000 square metres of projection surface, changing, for one evening, the façade of the largest administrative building in Europe – the Palace of Parliament. Complex 3D images personalised and reinterpreted the building through a sound, lights and colour show, the building façade’s surface area becoming a veritable optical illusion.

Starting at 10.30 p.m., the finalists from Montenegro, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Russia and Hungary presented their works. The winners were selected by a jury made up of important audio-visual industry personalities: Martin Posta – director of the Prague Signal Festival; Ana Ascencio, art director of the Geneva Mapping Festival; Kaat Heirbrant – director of the Ghent Light Festival; Ilkka Paloniemi – art director of the Helsinki Lux Festival; Birgit Zander – founder, organiser and creative director of the Berlin Festival of Lights.

The six teams revealed images filled with deep meaning, giving the start to a fascinating conversation between artists and spectators. The projections, each lasting four and a half minutes, used an impressive 8K resolution to give life to forms of dialogue, through special graphics that took shape and colour on the building’s façade. The emphasis was placed on interaction, animated 3D content and storytelling.

The latest technology was also present in the special software used to integrate the 104 projectors and make them a unitary and coherent ensemble.

For the third edition of the event, Mindscape Studio Romania proposed the “We Are Them” presentation, a philosophical conversation between two people and the audience that identified with their story, experiencing powerful emotions. For Mindscape Studio, iMapp Bucharest represented a natural succession of the most natural feeling a person can experience – love –, presented through a choreography synchronised between contemporary dance and projections.

Romera Diseno e Infografia SL, a Spain-based team specialising in graphics and post-production work, presented the “Chaos2Understanding” work, while Filip Roca, Montenegro-based art director, visual artist and new media artist brought to Bucharest a novel video mapping show suggestively dubbed “Dyslexia.”

Illuminarium3000, a friendly studio from Saint Petersburg, Russia, projected “Close Encounters of the Thirty Third Kind,” while VOID, an independent creation group from Istanbul, Turkey, presented the “Lines” audio-video show.

The creative concept of this edition of the competition was “dialogues.”

Gojira & Planet H gave the opening concert at 6 p.m., followed by Golan Symphonic at 7 p.m., which presented a novel project that harmonises electronic music, live voice and instruments. Accompanied by a 40-member symphonic orchestra, the five members of the band presented for the first time the electro-classical experiment they have worked on recently.

After Gojira & Planet H took to the stage again, Roisin Murphy, a resounding name in the electro-pop music world, also dubbed “the queen of experimental music,” electrified the audience with songs such as “Overpowered,” “House of Glass,” “Exploitation” and “Ten Miles High.”

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