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October 31, 2020

ANP Unions announce employees’ protests in all the penitentiaries across the country starting on Monday

Unions from the National Administration of the Penitentiaries (ANP) announced employees’ protests in all of the penitentiaries across the country, starting from next week, asking the Justice Minister a meeting before the manifestation scheduled on Monday, between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm, in front of the Gherla Penitentiary.

Unions of the penitentiaries will start protest movements in all of the penitentiaries in the country in order to obtain the improvement of the working conditions, the employment of a sufficient number of people, the removal of the salary inequities and the resignation of the Justice Minister for professional incapacity. At the Gherla Penitentiary, the Justice Minister has promised that she will discuss with the employees that protest on September 29, 2016, being invited at the inauguration ceremony of the Therapeutic Center for Women, along with the Norwegian Ambassador in Romania, Mrs. Tove Bruvik Westberg. “Hoping that she understood exactly the legislation she intends to discuss with the stuff, since she previously made major confusions, we ask the Justice Minister to meet us before the protest manifestation organized on September 29, 2016, between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm in front of the Gherla Penitentiary”, shows a press release issued by the Omnia Union sent to Mediafax on Saturday.

The unionists are upset that the staff in the penitentiaries is working in the same conditions as the prisoners, and they say that they intend to sue the Government.

“Today, there are 1.5 million additional working hours performed by the staff, registered in the penitentiary system, and a very large number of them are impossibly to be recovered due to the personnel deficit of 8,000 employees, estimated by the National Administration of the Penitentiaries by relating it to the official personnel standards. Justice Minister refuses to apply the GEO no.20/2016, in order to remove the salary inequities also for the staff of the penitentiaries, although the legal document includes this category along with the other employees in the system of defense, public order and national security. For this reason, the syndicates in the penitentiaries will sue the Government in order to recover these owed amounts of money”, also reads the quoted document.

The protests will continue for an unspecified period of time, until the claims will be solved, according to the unionists.


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