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April 20, 2021

Bucharest’s General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, announced that she withdrew her complaint against former President Traian Basescu: “It wasn’t an easy decision”

Bucharest’s General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, announced on Saturday evening in a TV show, that she withdrew her complaint against the former President Traian Basescu for the blackmail accusation, stating that two years have been passed since she submitted this complaint.

It wasn’t an easy decision. I’ve consulted my lawyer, my family, I’ve also consulted with very many people in Bucharest, since I go the rounds, I go in neighborhoods, and I asked them what they thing about this case. Most of the people in Bucharest, like me, as well as people in other counties, Romanian people, told me that all of them would have wished, same as me, a closer verdict to the moment when that event occurred. (…) I don’t want to do any kind of labeling I have a public responsibility, I am the Bucharest’s General Mayor and I wouldn’t like to give signals in one way or another. But personally, I can tell that moment was the beginning of the inner analysis if it wouldn’t be better for me to step aside and withdraw my complaint”, Gabriela Firea stated for Antena 3.

The Prosecutor General has announced on July 28 that the file in which the former President Traian Basescu is investigated for threat against Gabriela Firea will not be sent to judgement, and that investigations will be resumed, after Augustin Lazar denied the decision of the prosecutor in the case, on the ground that the investigation is not complete.

The Basescu – Firea dispute started after the former President, referring to the PSD Senator, said that he can say even now that she is “a good journalist, but she is catastrophic as a lawyer”. “She’d better stay quiet and deal with thing on the land of her husband, where he’s a mayor. Because she might not find him home, if she’s not careful. I understand that pretty much bad things are happening in his parish”, Basescu said.

Former head of state also said that the PSD Senator Gabriela Firea is a “professional blackmailer”. “It’s not an attack against a woman, it’s an attack against a blackmailer who pretends to be respected as a Romanian Senator, after she deeply studied at the school of the denunciator Felix”, Basescu mentioned.

Gabriela Firea reacted at that time, stating that she is interested in the reactions of the institutions and embassies of the democratic states towards this “flagrant action of intimidating a Senator”. Subsequently, on April 16, 2014, the PSD Senator submitted a complaint against Traian Basescu, for threat and blackmail, at the Prosecutor attached to the Supreme Court.

The former President mentioned that he doesn’t wish to make comments related to this subject. “I don’t want to comment. I wouldn’t like to make any statements on this subject”, stated Traian Basescu for stiripesurse.ro.

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