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February 4, 2023

Oprea to resign on October 1. Request filed with Senate

The resignation from Parliament, effective from October 1, of former Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea was submitted on Monday to the Senate. The resignation procedure will be finalized after it is announced in the plenum. The submission of the resignation was confirmed by Andrei Alexandru, spokesperson for the Senate Speaker.

Gabriel Oprea has also announced his resignation on his Facebook page. The resignation has reached Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, with the Standing Bureau set to establish on Tuesday when the resignation will be presented to the plenum.

According to Article 190 of the Senate’s Regulations, Senators can resign by filing a written request with the Senate Speaker. The Senate Speaker then asks the Senator concerned, in a public meeting, whether he persists in his resignation request and if the answer is affirmative or if the Senator is not present despite being notified in this sense, the Speaker declares his seat vacant.

Article 188 of the same Regulations points out that in case a Senator resigns he can change his mind before the Senate’s decision to declare his seat vacant is published in the Official Gazette, provided the person nominated to take his place has not been validated by the plenum in the meantime. The replacement is nominated by the party on whose lists the Senator who resigned ran in the elections.

Former Deputy Premier Gabriel Oprea wrote on Facebook on Friday that he is not hiding behind any immunity and, just like Gigina’s family, he wants to find out the truth about the accident, hence he will resign from the Senate.

In the text posted on his Facebook page, the former minister invokes the “networks” whose purpose is to back “any initiative that weakens national identity,” the protests seen in recent years being evidence of that in his opinion.

“Do you think it’s a coincidence that the Church is systematically attacked every time there is a street protest? The slogan “we want hospitals, not cathedrals,” do you think that’s spontaneous? Do you think it’s a coincidence that the same circles, the same people and the same NGOs are involved in a war of attrition with Parliament, with the Church and with all those who defend the national interests in Romania? I think not. I’ve seen too much to still believe such coincidences. A legitimate Government was toppled, a Government with members taken out from the “European” top hat came to power, parties were concocted and the checks and balances principle was systematically destroyed. Governments unravelled, ministers were sacked, majorities were changed, all through absurd accusations. Whoever thinks this is a coincidence is naïve,” Oprea wrote.

He attacked the NGOs, labelling their world “a world not in any way better than the world they attack with proletarian anger.”


Oprea insists that he backed the directors of DNA, SRI and SIE.


“All those who know me can confirm that I backed the judiciary, I backed the President, whether his name was Traian Basescu or Klaus Iohannis, because I believed in the national idea. You can ask the two Presidents and all those who led and are leading the DNA, SRI and SIE, what my attitude was in the years I’ve spent in politics. I assure you I always took good decisions for the country and I unconditionally backed them when Romania’s interest was concerned. But, at one point, it seems the interests of some no longer matched my values. And the assault started. In a textbook fashion: elaborated, planned and coordinated based on all the rules of propaganda, featuring attacks, vilification, lies, protests,” he claims.

Oprea concluded by stating that he never obstructed justice. “I nevertheless have the firm belief that any rational person understands that I’m entirely innocent and that, after the judiciary has its say, this wave of aggression I’ve been subjected to for so long will also end,” he concluded.

Around 3,000 people protested outside the Senate after the Senate voted to reject the DNA’s request to approve the start of criminal prosecution.

The DNA cannot immediately prosecute Gabriel Oprea. Considering he was a minister, the DNA will have to ask for President Klaus Iohannis’ green light.


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