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November 30, 2022

Project to prepare two hospitals for earthquake

A project aiming to prepare two hospitals in Bucharest for a possible earthquake will be starting soon, announced on Sunday night in a broadcast at the private Antena 3 television, the state secretary with the Interior Ministry Raed Arafat (photo).

“We have a project that is ready to be kicked off and it aims at two hospitals we want to prepare for an earthquake. How do we prepare them? Apart from assuring water supplies, they must be consolidated. A hospital becomes useless after an earthquake if the equipment on their inside and other items aren’t properly anchored. Together with the Bucharest City Hall the District 1’s we will be starting a project that envisages for two hospitals – one which belongs to the Mayoralty and one belonging to the Health Ministry. We will bring experts that will go and start giving advice regarding the earthquake matter in regards to preparing and preventing the hospital to become useless if an earthquake occurs. The measures we take must become an example for all the hospitals, as well as for other institutions that are to stay functional during a disaster,” Arafat explained.

He stated that he has also recommended stocks to be made in case of emergency situations.

“We must have certain medicines in stock, ambulances included. Our plan doesn’t involve buying new ambulances and putting them in stock, like Germany does. (…) We do the opposite way. When we will be starting the endowment with new ambulances we will select a number of ambulances that still work, we will fix them and put those in stock. We must have a number of ambulances set aside,” the State Secretary said.

He recommended the population to stock food and water for three days because if a disaster strikes the shops will be probably closed.

“The cards might not work for those who have money on it. In three days, the state will take care of all the issues regarding search and rescue civilians, but it won’t go to solve each and everyone’s problems …,” the head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) stated.

He mentioned that the DSU tries to prepare the best it could regarding the disaster matter in order to reach the safest level possible.

“We try to get to the safest level possible, but this depends on many aspects, such as : money, human resources. (…) We will start the auction for ambulances because most of them are over nine year old. The fire fighters should of had 42,000 staff, to whom volunteers fire fighters add. Our country counts for 20,000,000 and 27,000 fire fighters, with only 7,000 or 8,000 volunteer fire fighters,” Arafat said.

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