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June 27, 2022

Scandal between the Bucharest General Mayor and the Save Romania Union: Nicusor Dan has established the campaign tents without Bucharest Municipality’s approval

A scandal started between the Bucharest General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, and the Save Romania Union (Uniunea Salvati Romania). On Monday, the leader of the formation, Nicusor Dan, has established the first campaign tents, where USR will gather signatures for its participation to the parliamentary elections. He didn’t receive the approval from the Bucharest Municipality to establish the tents, although he submitted a request to that effect one month ago. Nicusor Dan says that if the institution didn’t answer to the request, is deemed to have given the tacit consent.

“One month ago, on August 26, I submitted a request to the Bucharest Municipality. I made the same request during the spring, we were answered in 15 days and we started to establish our tents. Now, 30 days have already passed, and we haven’t received any answer, we were sent from one directorate to another within the Bucharest City Hall. Half of the term for gathering signatures has already passed, and there is one interpretation of the tacit consent rule, saying that when you request something to an authority and you don’t get an answer in 30 days, you may deem the answer is favorable to you”, stated Nicusor Dan, President of the Save Romania Union, according to news.ro.

Nicusor Dan was part of the team which established the first USR tent, located in the University Square, opposite to the esplanade with statues. There will be 38 tents of this kind in Bucharest, where the USR members and supporters will ask the passersby to sign in order to support the political formation to submit the applications for the Parliament.

“If Local Police will come to remove the tent, we won’t fight the Local Police. We will show them the law and the request we submitted more than 30 days ago to the Bucharest Municipality. We hope they’ll understand and will give the correct interpretation to the law. If they will remove us, they will make an abuse and we will bring them to the Court, in a criminal trial, for abuse of office”, Nicusor Dan added.

Bucharest Deputy Mayor Aurelian Badulescu accuses Nicusor Dan of abuse of office, given that the USR leader is a general counselor. “Nicusor Dan only understands to legitimate the breach of the law in Bucharest”, Aurelian Badulescu said.

USR members accused the town halls also in other towns of blocking the approvals for the tents where the signatures are going to be gathered. In Brasov, the Municipality approved the campaign only starting from October 1, given that the legal term for submitting the supporting signatures by the parties is October 27.

On the other hand, Nicusor Dan mentioned on Monday for RFI that “the number of 200,000 of signatures is a huge one, preventing the access for the newcomers. Almost a third of the gathering signatures period has passed, so we should be around 60,000 – 70,000, but we’re only at 20,000, so we are at risk in this moment”.

“Regarding the tents establishment, the situation varies depending on the locality. In Bucharest, we made a request exactly one month ago, on August 26, but it didn’t get an answer, either a positive or a negative one, so we appreciate that the rule of the tacit consent is in force and today we’ll start establishing tents, first of them will be mounted at 12.00 pm in the University Square. In Brasov, we’ve made the request early in September, it was approved with effect starting from October 1, we don’t know why. In Braila, we were asked to pay money for each square meter of used area. We can conclude that the mayors representing traditional parties do not see kindly the competition which the newcomers are doing. If we don’t gather 200,000 signatures, we will participate only in the counties where we were able to gather more than 1 percent of the locals of those counties”, stated the USR leader for RFI.

“When will you announce the ministers that will come into USR”, the USR leader was asked by RFI. “No further than the October 20 period, because they are persons who, if they’ll come to us, wish to finish some things first, in the ministries where they are operating. We are discussing to five or six ministers in this moment. Probably some of them will come on our lists. They are ministers that had performances, that’s all that I can say to you. I confirm Cristian Ghinea is on the list I’ve told you about. Dragos Pislaru is a person that we want”, Nicusor Dan admitted.

“Our target is 10 percent of the parliamentary seats. We appreciate this to be realistic, considering that we are a small group of people who were never involved in politics, with a background, with an activity that can be checked, in a competition with unreformed parties, who proved to b corrupted and incompetent. On the other hand, the lack of resources that translates into the impossibility to access many people, who will never hear of us until the parliamentary elections, makes us stop to this number, 10 percent, which I consider to be realistic”, said the USR leader.


USR leader Nicusor Dan on ministers’ candidacies: It’s normal for them to wonder where will they be three months from now


Save Romania Union (USR) President Nicusor Dan stated on Sunday evening on Digi24 that it is normal for the technocrat ministers who want to run in the parliamentary elections on his party’s lists to wonder where will they be 3 months from now when their tenures end.

“There are talks with some of them. There is mutual sympathy. You’ll have the answer… There is a difficulty caused by the fact that people, ministers in particular, have an agenda. Administration, as you know, usually hampers you. They still have things to accomplish in this project. They would like to remain for as long as possible within the Government. On the other hand, they would like to get involved in this party. Obviously, this creates tension,” the USR President stated.

He added that the answer from technocrat ministers who will run in the elections on USR’s lists will come “shortly.”

“They are the type of people we are looking for. (…) We consider that the people we take match the public’s expectations of us. We are discussing with five or six people. How many of them will come, that’s for us to jointly decide,” Dan added when asked why it is important to have technocrat ministers on USR’s lists.

According to the USR leader, Premier Dacian Ciolos’s request for the ministers to resign if they want to run in the elections is legitimate.

“It’s not illegitimate at all, it’s actually extremely legitimate for any person to think where will they be three months from now when their tenure in the Government ends – will they go to Brussels, will they go in the private sector, will they join an NGO, a political party?” Nicusor Dan emphasised.

According to political sources, Labour Minister Dragos Pislaru, European Grants Minister Cristian Ghinea and Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu are among the ministers negotiating their candidacies on USR’s lists. Only Cristian Ghinea publicly confirmed the existence of such negotiations.







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