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August 3, 2021

Victor Ponta: “Festival of protests” takes place every autumn

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta claims, in a posting on Facebook, that in Romania the only feelings are hatred, aggressiveness, hysteria, fanaticism and meanness, and that the “festival of protests” is taking place every autumn, a “festival” about “corrupt politicians, dead people whose tragedies are just ripe for use.”

“Why don’t we admit? Romania has been transformed into the country in which hatred, aggressiveness, hysteria, fanaticism and meanness have become the only feelings that give direction to society! Do we like it? And if not, can we do something about it? 75 percent of people believe the country is going in the wrong direction, 80 percent of the news are about arrests and jails, the rest about accidents and disasters, 90 percent of public topics are about how to destroy something (not how to build something),” Ponta wrote on Facebook.

“The “Festival” of protests is taking place every autumn – always about Russia, corrupt politicians, dead people whose tragedies are just ripe for use, and the “salvation” that always comes from somewhere abroad, or at any rate from someone who does not have the Romanians’ “faults.” In 2013 they told us what economic contracts not to sign. (…) In 2014 they told us who not to elect, in 2015 they told us who should no longer govern, in 2016 they are telling us who should be criminally prosecuted – and now who should no longer be Senator (although they were elected directly, with the votes of other people, around 10 times more numerous than those protesting)! After each round of protests, Romanians fared worse than before, but what does it matter?” Ponta wrote.

He says that the 3,000 people protesting are deciding the fate of all Romanians.

“The remaining 19,996,900 people are looking on amazed (but intimidated) how the 3,100 are deciding their fate – and are wondering whether voting for what they believe is right, on December 11, won’t be for naught. What if the 3,100 start protesting, asking for the vote of the silent millions NOT to be respected? (…) Paradoxically, maybe this time our liberty and fundamental rights will be saved precisely by the Internet and social networks! And certainly by our courage to vote against the System that wants us ‘trampled under an army boot,’” Ponta wrote.

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