Anti-corruption Directorate’s head requests for Deputy, MP Adrian Gurzau to be retained

Chief Prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi sent on Tuesday to the Prosecutor’s Office with the High Court of Justice and Cassation (ICCJ, Supreme Court) the request and the report for the Okay to retention and preventive arrest of Deputy, MP Adrian Gurzau, charged with influence peddling in the Carpatica Insurance case.

The Prosecutor’s Office is to send the request to the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the DNA, the case file includes data and evidence saying that Deputy Gurzau would have committed corruption acts.

“Between 8 April 2015 and 1 November 2015, the defendant Toncescu Angela, a member and chairperson, with 2 July 2015, of SC Carpatica Asig SA Board has promised the culprit Gurzau Adrian, a deputy of the Romanian Parliament and a de facto administrator of a company, who has already accepted the promise, to draft a service contract between the said company, as service provider, and SC Carpatica Asig SA, as beneficiary,” the communique reads.

According to the source, the said contract was closed on 2 November 2015, at the demand of and in collusion with Angela Toncescu. The contract was aimed to provide, by the company owned by the MP, some specialty services of public relations, info-line, sale and marketing contact center on a minimum five-year period.

“The value of the contract for the first three months (test pilot-period) was set at 10,000 Euro + VAT, payable by the SC Carpatica Asig SA on a monthly basis, and for the next 60 months the contract was set for 4,000 Euro + VAST, per month. So, the total amount of the contract on the scheduled period is 270,000 Euro + VAT. The so sealed contract was damaging for SC Carpatica Asig SA, considering that at the time of its signing, the insurance company has already had a four-employee department which was dealing with similar activities at lower costs,” the DNA release says.

In exchange to these promises and to closing the contract, starting with 8 April 2015 until 14 March 2016, Adrian Gurzau said he was using his influence he had upon some members of the leadership of the Financial Surveillance Authority (ASF). It would have counted for influencing the vote in the ASF Council for expediting the approval procedure of Angela Toncescu in the position of chairperson of the SC Carpatica Asig SA Board and for her to not be sanctioned for irregularities found in her previous activity.

“At the same timed, deputy Gurzau Adrian, relying on his dignitary capacity and of a member of the Committee of abuse, corruption and petitions’ investigation with the Chamber of Deputies has trafficked his influence upon some members of the ASF leadership so that the ASF Council’s members to approve a prolongation of the plan-based recovery period of the SC Carpatica Asig SA, although through an address of the Surveillance and Control Department – the Insurance-Reinsurance Sector of 14.07.2015, the ASF Council was proposed to find the insolvency state of the SC Carpatica Asig SA,” the DNA prosecutors add.

In the sane case file, the DNA has decided the 24-hour retention of culprits Angela Toncescu, Dan Hosu and Ion-Sorin Tatu. The three were present on Tuesday at the ICCJ with a 30-day preventive arrest proposal.

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