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February 1, 2023

Apemin Zizin major shareholders invest 500,000 euros in a skin care center

Starting from the slogan: “Your image matters. You deserve more! ” , The Apemin ZIZIN major shareholders of the company decided to develop a new business project and launched last spring the DermaCare Clinique center. With an investment of 500,000 euro, the skin care center is equipped with the latest equipment and technology in the field, and the defining concept is based on the relaxing atmosphere, safety and the professionalism of the staff.

Located on the Lt. Peter Lintes street no. 1, Bucureşti, the DermaCare clinic is a skin care center with the latest equipment and highly qualified specialists in the field. This provides the customers some procedures to improve their skin condition, ensuring, at the same time, a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The package offered by the clinic is diverse and covers multiple needs: cosmetics (facials equipment, but also with professional cosmetics), body therapies (body reshaping treatments, body wraps), but also procedures of final hair removal.

“The idea of this project started from personal experience. In the whirl of the daily activities, both women and men, are giving very little time to their image. Thus, we developed the DermaCare Clinique concept, a skin care center with an exquisite ambience with the latest equipment and experienced professionals. We come with a new vision that we want to send to our clients, as evidenced by our slogan: Your image matters. You deserve more! ” , said Laura Lazar, CEO DermaCare Clinique.


The recommended treatments by the DermaCare Clinique specialists


The DermaCare Clinique proposes to their customers a series of revolutionary treatments, such as OXY Jet Leo DeLuxe procedures by Nora Bode, the remodeling treatments Body Farm by Eximia, but also the hair removal services with the diode laser of the latest generation Flash X-Press.

The skin cells need a source of energy, oxygen, to function properly. By the OxyJet Leo DeLuxe treatment, the active ingredients act in the depth of the dermis, improving its production of collagen and ensure a visible redefined texture. The procedure is performed without needles, effective and safe, for a fresh and vitalized skin.

For the body reshaping, the DermaCare Clinique experts propose a technological innovation designed to fill the plastic surgery. The Body Farm treatment by Eximia is non invasive, effective in reducing the body fat, it levels the imperfections of the skin, helps to regain its firmness and for the treating of the stretch marks. However, this device is used in facial treatments aimed at reducing the wrinkles, the reparative action of the acne scars and of the pigmentation spots.

DermaCare Clinique also offers services of progressive hair removal with laser. The procedure is based on the latest technology in the field and is the most effective and safest method in the market, for a soft skin. The treatment can be also performed  in summer, and the major advantage of the laser diodes is the proven efficiency on the darker skin and even tanned skin. Besides that, it is the only laser treatment that works effectively in such situations.



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