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May 6, 2021

Florea Dumitrescu, President of the Friendship Association with the People’s Republic of China: China continues to rise in the top of the great powers of the world

In 2016, in the circumstances in which the global economy goes through profound and complex transformations, China continues to rise in the top of the great economic and social powers, recording new steps in the development and modernization of the economy, in the improvement of the Chinese people’s living conditions, as well as in the cooperation relationships with the countries of the world.

Last year, China’s Gross Domestic Product has increased by 6.9 percent, one of the highest growths in the world, while the global economy has increased by 3.1 percent, according to the International Monetary Fund.

China does not compare to specific large countries, but with entire continents: America had an economic growth of 2.4 percent. The Eurozone had a growth of 1.5 percent among the powers of the world with the highest growth. China’s contribution to the global growth is of 25 percent, while the value of this growth is over USD 700 billion.

The investments in fixed assets (excluding rural households) have grown by approx. 12 percent in 2015, while the retail sales of consumer goods had a real growth of 10.6 percent. The annual consumer prices have increased by 1.4 percent and the food prices have increased by 2.3 percent.

In the developed countries, there were specialists who predicted that China’s economy will collapse. Instead of advising the leaders of their countries to be careful and not to increase the commercial deficit they have for years towards China, because it unbalances the whole Planet, they advise other countries, without seeing that China goes straight ahead, that it has set high objectives, which are important both for it and for other countries.

China intends to double the Gross Domestic Product by 2020, compared to 2010; China had the initiative to promote the joint construction “The Silk Road Economic Belt and The Maritime Silk Road” of the 21st Century, by creating conditions to stimulate cooperation with many countries.

The “One Road, One Belt” initiative includes two thirds of the world’s population and almost 30 percent of the global economy. It will be the longest corridor in the world when it will be finished.

It will be, as the Chinese Ambassador in Romania, Xu Feihong, was underlining, “the new spine” which will support the strengthening of the international cooperation and the promotion of the global economy. For a long time, it will be a unique work in the world.

Last year, the Chines President, Xi Jinping, and the Romanian President, Klaus Iohannis, have reached a consensus within a meeting, regarding the joint construction of “The Belt and The Road”. 16 trains will cross Europe and Asia on the China – Europe route; the value of the goods transported annually is estimated to almost USD 5 billion.

Regarding the Romania – China relationships, they were developed in the spirit of the friendship traditions that have marked the bindings between the two countries and nations for centuries.

In the recent years, by the joint contribution of the two states, the trade volume between the two countries has reached almost USD 4.5 billion. However, these results are not satisfying the desire and the expectations of the Romanian and Chinese people, and they are not reflecting the possibilities of the two countries.

In 1980, when I was activating as the Romanian Ambassador in China, Romania and China reached a trade volume of more than USD 1 billion, the highest in the history of the relationships between the two countries: these relationships were balanced, but since then, they have gradually continued to become unbalanced.

The Romanian part has the duty to use all the opportunities in order to remove its existing imbalance, through the re-industrialization of the country and the modernization of the agriculture, also with the China’s support, as we did for decades. It is good and necessary for the Romanian authorities and especially for our leaders, to be more careful in the relationships towards China, since they are mutually beneficial.

In the Country Project designed by the Civil Society, including the Romanian Friendship Association with China, we will make suggestions that will contribute to this cause.



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