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March 23, 2023

Romanian IT- The global community of Romanians in high tech

Romania aims to become the first country in the world that manages to create a network of centers designed to bring together the IT professionals in the country and abroad. The idea belongs to a group of Romanian IT specialists from Paris and it is called Romanian IT – the global community of Romanians in tech.

The Romanian IT Mission is to develop a framework to bring together and support the Romanians in tech, from the country and abroad, the entrepreneurship and the entire IT Romanian sector at international level , to enhance the competitiveness in the global market and the involvement in projects with potential for improvement the public services and the society.

The project begins in the context in which the investment in the IT has grown exponentially in the last decade. According to a study published in August 2016 by the Statista, in 2006, in a top of the most important companies in the world, the IT was represented only by Microsoft, however the big players were in areas such as oil, energy and financial services. In 2016, the situation has changed radically, the global market being captured by the IT companies such as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon or Alphabet, which have generated revenues of 2,000 billion dollars from the beginning of the current year.

Nor Romania stood beneath the IT chapter, this sector’s contribution to GDP reached 6% in 2015 with growth potential up to 10% in the coming years, advancing once with the international wave, fact which prompted more many Romanian IT specialists from around the world to work for local projects or even to consider the possibility of returning home.

“It is already notorious the professionalism and even the Romanian IT-ists influence employed at the international companies in the United States, Britain and France, and after many years when we put our shoulder to raise the financial empires of the foreigners, we thought it’s time to use this potential for the promotion of the Romanian IT sector. The core has already formed, we are a strong team in Paris, but we will open other centers in cities with high concentrations of Romanian IT specialists, such as: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Targu. Mures, Timisoara, London, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, etc., each location replicating the organizational structure currently used in the center of Paris. We want to develop a community that works on the principles of open source, open exchange, open participation, with the aim of promoting the Romanian IT specialists and the whole sector internationally. By the end of 2017, the Community aims to register over 2,500 Romanian specialists in IT over the whole world that can collaborate in an organized way, and Romania can become a real force in this area” , says Valentin Maior, one of the coordinators of the Global Community of the Romanians in Tech.

In the community, will be regular organized conferences and webinars with topics: technique, entrepreneurial, exchanges. The intention is that annually must take place the business matchmaking events, both in Romania, and in the international centers administered by the Romanian IT-ists. In these conferences it will be promoted the entire Romanian IT sector: companies, startups, IT products developed by independent experts and Romanian companies, thus the centers becoming true embassies in the IT sector.

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