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August 3, 2021

Alina Gorghiu: If Ciolos would become a PNL member, I wouldn’t appreciate him as much as I do now, it would mean that he breaks his word

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-Chair Alina Gorghiu stated that she wouldn’t appreciate the PM Dacian Ciolos as much as she does now if he would become a PNL member before the parliamentary elections, because it would mean that he breaks his word from the moment he took over the government.

Alina Gorghiu explained that no party will not achieve 51 percent of the seats in the elections of December, and the important thing will be the manner of making a majority to impose a Prime-Minister.

“Between the three parties – ALDE, PMP and USR, I prefer USR to enter the Parliament, even if they are those who confiscated us an important part from our voters (…) It’s not excluded that we and USR will agree the same option for the Prime-Minister”, stated the PNL Co-Chair.

Gorghiu said that the party will decide at half of October if they will choose to announce a candidate for the PM position or they will have a campaign focused on the government program, mentioning that she supports the first option.

Asked if PNL will support Dacian Ciolos for a new term at the Victoria Palace, Gorghiu said that she doesn’t exclude any scenario. On the other hand, PNL Co-Chair stated she doesn’t wish the PM to become a member of the party before the elections.

“In my opinion, I wouldn’t appreciate him (Dacian Ciolos – e.n.) as I do now if he would become a PNL member, because it would mean that he breaks his word”, Gorghiu said.

She recalled that when he took over the mandate, Dacian Ciolos said that he will not enroll in any political party, and this project has to last until December 12. “Nobody asked him to become a PNL member, because the party should capitalize the voters”, Gorghiu also stated.


“It wasn’t considered for Ungureanu to return to PNL in this moment, he is too qualified for the Parliament”


Alina Gorghiu also stated on Monday evening that it wasn’t considered for the former head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE) Mihai Razvan Ungureanu to return to PNL, saying that he would be “too qualified” to be a parliamentarian.

“It wasn’t considered in this moment. (…) I think you can’t come in a political party in such an important position, from the position of recently resigned head of SIE. In time, you can get used again to the status of a civilian and become a member of a political party, it’s natural to be like this”, stated Alina Gorghiu for Antena 3.

Also, the Liberal leader recalled Teodor Melescanu’s candidacy for the presidential elections, after he resigned from the SIE leadership, saying that she criticized this decision at that time.

“It’s a reasoning of common sense. A head of an institution like SIE, SRI, has a stock of information which I believe would make him, so to say it as a joke, too qualified for the parliamentarian position. (…) You are the holder of a set of information which an ordinary civilian doesn’t have, and I believe you are not allowed to use this position of force to unbalance a natural system in the Romanian politics. Unfortunately, this rule wasn’t observed in Romania. I think a break is welcomed”, added Gorghiu.

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