Inquiry at Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service after artist Ioan Gyuri Pascu dies

*Ambulance called two hours before death; doctor concluded artist had panic attack


The leadership of the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service has started an internal inquiry into the way in which the medical staff intervened in the case of late artist Ioan Gyuri Pascu, official sources told Mediafax.

Verifications have started after the ambulance was called around 3 a.m. on the night of the artist’s death, and the ambulance doctor concluded that Ioan Gyuri Pascu had had a panic attack, the aforementioned sources inform.

According to them, the inquiry should establish whether the ambulance doctor did everything needed to diagnose the ailment and prescribed correct drugs.

Another emergency call came in at around 5 a.m., this time a SMURD emergency medical service unit picking up the call and intervening to resuscitate Ioan Gyuri Pascu.

According to doctor Alis Grasu, manager of the Bucharest-Ilfov Service, Ioan Gyuri Pascu had allegedly told the ambulance doctor he was having frequent panic attacks.

After his wife made the emergency call at around 3 a.m., Ioan Gyuri Pascu told the doctor who arrived with the ambulance that he was having frequent panic attacks and could not sleep because of joint pain. He did not show symptoms of any heart condition, doctor Alis Grasu said.

“We are conducting an inquiry into the case of a 55-year-old man who initially called the ambulance for a panic attack. Panic attack – that’s the reason his wife stated by phone at 3.26 a.m. Such a call is considered a code green emergency and an ambulance is sent to check the patient. The doctor arrived 11 minutes later. The 55-year-old told the doctor he didn’t sleep for three days because of joint pain, that he was diabetic, that he suffered from frequent panic attacks and was taking sedatives. His blood pressure was measured, it was normal, the pulse was normal. He did not complain of heart arrhythmia, chest pain or any kind of symptoms pointing to a heart condition. For his insomnia, the doctor prescribed half a pill of Diazepam. Since he had no heart ailment symptoms, no prior record, an EKG would not have been called for. But here we have to see the doctor’s point of view. The doctor’s point of view will be presented tomorrow, within the commission of inquiry. Then the conclusions of the inquiry will be drawn, which we will publish, we will present to the Health Ministry. Nobody tried to cover up anything,” Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service Manager Alis Grasu told Mediafax.

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