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September 29, 2022

INS: Managers estimate a moderate activity growth in manufacturing industry and services

The managers questioned by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) are estimating a moderate growth of the activities in the manufacturing industry and in services in the period September-November 2016 but also a moderate drop regarding the prices of the retail trade, according to an INS release sent to Agerpres on Wednesday.

The circumstantial survey indicated the companies manager’s perception over the dynamics of a phenomenon that can’t be confused with the growing or the dropping value rate of a statistic indicator, the INS specialists mention.

Therefore, in the manufacturing industry, in the circumstantial inquiry for September 2016, the managers from the manufacturing industry expect for the next three months a moderate increase of the production volume (circumstantial balance + 14 percent). Regarding the base pharmaceutical products manufacturing and pharmaceutical products a significant growth trend will be recorded (circumstantial balance +38 percent), meanwhile the tobacco products manufacturing will record a declining trend (circumstantial balance -36 percent).

For the manufacturing products a relative stability is expected for the next three months (circumstantial balance +1 percent). In regards to the number of employees a relative stability is also estimated, the circumstantial balance being +3 percent overall the manufacturing industry.

In the construction activity a moderate decline is expected in regards to the production volume (circumstantial balance -6 percent). The managers estimate a relative stability of the number of employees (circumstantial balance -4 percent). Regarding the prices of the construction works a relative stability is also estimated (circumstantial balance 0 percent).

In the retail sector, the managers estimate for the next three months a decline trend regarding the economic activity (circumstantial balance -26 percent). The orders volume of the goods suppliers to the trading units will also record drops (circumstantial balance -17 percent).

In this field, the employers estimate for the next three months a moderated decline of the number of employees (circumstantial balance -14 percent). For the next period the trade companies also estimate a moderate drop regarding the prices of retail trade (circumstantial balance -15 percent).

Moreover, in the services area, according to the estimations made for September 2016, the turnover will have a moderate growth in the next three months (circumstantial balance +10 percent) and a relative stability regarding the number of employees (circumstantial balance +4 percent). According to the managers’ opinion the sales or the invoices’ prices of the services will have a relative stable trend (circumstantial balance 0 percent).

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