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December 2, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea about SIE Director resignation: There are untold truths, full information must be provided

Social Democratic Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea claims “there are untold truths” in what concerns the reasons behind Romanian Intelligence Service (SIE) Director Mihai Razvan Ungureanu’s resignation, emphasising that “it’s mandatory for full information to be provided” in order for “the questions and the suspicions” to be dispelled.

“We are sitting, watching and seeing that there are untold truths there, being of course seeds for all kinds of scenarios. It is mandatory for full information to be provided because it’s not someone’s personal service, it’s not subordinated to someone personally, it’s Romania’s service,” the Social Democrat stated.

He said he talked with Ungureanu by phone immediately after the press published information about his resignation. “Just like you, I found out about it from the press. I posted my point of view on Facebook and a few minutes later Mr. Ungureanu called me, he had probably seen my posting, and told me that the reason for the resignation consists solely of his poor health, nothing else. I wished him good health and told him I hope there is no other reason,” Dragnea said.

The PSD leader claimed that from his talk with the former SIE Director he understood that President Klaus Iohannis was also going to publicly say that Ungureanu resigned because of health reasons, something that did not happen, “on the contrary.”

Dragnea emphasised he would have expected public explanations from Ungureanu himself. “My first reaction was: “I suspect you will present the reason for your resignation at a press conference.” I understood he won’t. Of course, question marks and suspicions appear because of this too,” he added.


PSD runs alone in parliamentary elections, no compromise will be made


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will run alone in the 11 December parliamentary elections, a first in a long time, with no compromises with anyone who at a certain point “could have its closet open and display who knows what skeletons there,” on Tuesday night said leader Liviu Dragnea for the private Antena 3 television station.

“Now, we run alone in the general elections. It was one of the reasons I have insisted for, even if there were discussions, I’ve tried, I’ve talked a lot with my party colleagues – it is the first time after many years, I really don’t know if such situations ever existed, the PSD is assuming to run alone, because I want to have the guarantee that everything we say and we’ll say in the ruling programme (,..) we could accomplish. I don’t want to make any compromise with one or another and at some point some skeletons could be found in their closet,” Dragnea told a private Antena 3 broadcast.

Another reason why the PSD will run alone is given by “the situation Romania has come to, today,” added Dragnea.

According to him, the ‘three-four’ people who have initiated and built the USL (Liberal-Social Union, back in 2012 – editor’s note) project ‘have did it all wrong.’

“It doesn’t matter, one more, one less, when we broke it. The 3-4 definitions or affirmations we were going into the campaign , I did those. (…) I have nothing to add apart from my word, my determination and what I do for a year now, and yet there is an argument – at least I understood where we went wrong. Firstly, that the confidence we were entrusted with, a huge confidence at that time, we didn’t handle it with responsibility at the proper height for that confidence. I, for one, have suffered for that, starting with the referendum of 7.4 million of Romanians, I was slighted by 9 individuals and those behind them who have pushed them and instrumented them,” explained Liviu Dragnea.

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