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April 11, 2021

Tariceanu not resigning in order to avoid “playing into the hands of PNL”

Calin Popescu Tariceanu has announced that he does not consider resigning from the office of Senate Speaker, after Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Executive President Vasile Nistor asked him to vacate the office because he is accused of perjury and of aiding and abetting.

“There is the option of playing into the hands of PNL, but I am not, at least so far, willing to do so. Based on some information that seems to be the case (that PNL is behind Senator Vasile Nistor’s initiative – editor’s note),” Tariceanu stated on Tuesday.

Asked whether Vasile Nistor is at risk of losing his ALDE Executive President office, Tariceanu stated that a decision will be taken within the party, adding that he does not intend to propose the cancellation of his party membership.

“You are right, it is an awkward stance. What is happening is unnatural, but I believe this issue will be analysed by my colleagues. I want to sit on the sides a bit in order not to have an attitude that could be considered subjective. (…) I won’t (propose the cancellation of Nistor’s party membership – editor’s note), because I am not the fan of doing so. I believe that in a Liberal party each member is free to talk, but it would be desirable to think too,” Tariceanu added.

He added that he is open to Vasile Nistor’s proposal concerning an extraordinary party conference.

“I can say that the same gentleman has filed a request for the organising of an extraordinary party conference. I’m very open to this idea. Of course, we can organise one at any time, and maybe it would be beneficial to clarify some things that I see are unclear for some of our colleagues,” the ALDE Co-President said.

In what concerns his relationship with Daniel Constantin, Tariceanu stated that it is “a colleague-to-colleague relationship.”

“Because I don’t want to make comments about Mr. Nistor, in order for you to be fully clarified it would be better to ask Daniel Constantin too for is his opinion on Mr. Nistor’s situation and Mr. Nistor’s initiative. Mr. Nistor is dissatisfied with no longer being elected Deputy Speaker of the Senate; the delicate part is that no party branch wants him on its list,” Tariceanu concluded.

ALDE Executive President Vasile Nistor stated in the Senate that Tariceanu should resign because he is involved in a large corruption case investigated by the DNA. According to sources cited by the press, Nistor intends to join PNL. Vlad Nistor was a Democratic Party (PD) member and MP in the 1990s. PD later on became PDL and recently merged with PNL. Nistor also threatens he can persuade another 30 ALDE MPs to join him.

ALDE scores around 6-8 percent in pre-election polls. PSD has announced that it stakes on being able to form a parliamentary majority solely alongside ALDE.

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