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January 25, 2022

Tomac: PMP wants to achieve 15% in the parliamentary elections. The best PM proposal – Traian Basescu

People’s Movement Party (PMP) aims to achieve a score of 15 percent in the parliamentary elections and it considers the possibility to take part to the government within a coalition, also having the best solution for the PM position – Traian Basescu, stated on Monday the MP Eugen Tomac (photo), Executive Chairman of the party.

“We are prepared to take part to the government. We have very well prepared people from the professional point of view, with an outstanding experience and much more prepared than the PNL representatives and not only. Also, there is a reality tha all of us know: PSD appointed Mr. Dragnea for the PM position. PNL-PDL, after their merger, have generated an Iohannis-Predoiu tandem. Mr. Predoiu will probably continue to be the PNL option. After December 11, we are positive that we can suggest the best Prime-Minister tht Romania could have. (…) We are convinced that the best PM for Romania can be President Traian Basescu”, Eugen Tomac stated, according to Agerpres.

MP Valeriu Steriu, the other PMP Executive Chairman, stated in his turn that the government program of the party will take the “citizen’s agenda” into account, and the considered suggestions will be “sustainable”.

“We will not design a thick government program, we will have few pages with ideas to show how and in particular through what means we will finance our priorities. Our priorities have been exposed several times also by President Traian Basescu – the infrastructure, the education, the health system parts. Together with these, there are also European funds that must be absorbed (…) to correct the existing discrepancies between Romania and other countries. We wish to present a program designed on priorities, objectives, and everything we will present in it to be sustainable. We won’t say: we make the Bucharest – Brasov highway without indicating the source of money”, Steriu stated.

He added that PMP government program also targets to encourage investments, in particular those ones leading to creating jobs.

According to Steriu, a draft of the PMP program is going to be finalized next week. “I believe at least by the middle of the next week we will have a first full draft for the program or the priorities supported by PMP, and the alliance that will be proposed after December 11, will be the alliance which will take our ideas and consider all these suggestions in the next Government”, Steriu stated.

He said that PMP is not the party “that will necessarily build the next Government”, but it has “resources to have any position in the next Cabinet”.



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