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June 20, 2021

HempFlax and Carmeuse will launch “Hemp Green House”

*It’s a complementary project to Green House Plus, through which they provide hemp structure and lime for 3 more houses


HempFlax, a Dutch company that is the leader on the hemp cultivation and processing sector, together with Carmeuse, the main lime producer at global level, support the Green House Plus (Casa Verde Plus) project, launched by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests. The companies will develop a parallel project, Hemp Green House (Casa Verde Canepa), through which they provide the raw material for the structure, made from hemp and lime host, for 3 more houses in addition to the ones selected by the Ministry.

Thus, those who either didn’t submitted the registration file in the program initiated by the Ministry, or didn’t qualify, can have access to this project, which provides products of around EUR 5,000 for each of the 3 houses. The registration period will start on October 1 and will end on December 31, 2016. All the details related to the program will soon be available on the website casaverdecanepa.com.

“Driven by the Green House Plus project, we have initiated a parallel project, exactly to encourage this manner of building ecologically and providing model houses to those who are interested. The implementation of hemp and lime material in the Green House Plus program by AFM gave us an impulsion to fund this alternative of ecological structure, considering that we promote since recently the 100% Romanian hemp and lime structure, as raw material producers”, explained Oana Suciu, HempFlax Romania General Manager.


Who is eligible for the Hemp Green House program?


Any natural person who wishes to build on its own a new house or who has a renovation project, can submit the file for register in the program.

“The most important selection criteria are that all the structure has to be made from hemp and lime and that the project should be finalized in the 2017 spring-summer period. Selection will be performed through a project competition. All the projects will be uploaded on the website casaverdecanepa.com and voted online by the public, and subsequently the first 10 projects resulting from the online voting will be analyzed by a joint committee. Just because we can afford a higher speed that the state system, we appreciate that the 3 houses will be made in the mentioned period of time”, added Oana Suciu, HempFlax Romania General Manager.

The isolating structure will be made of hemp and lime host. The hemp host is produced by HempFlax in Alba County and it is a secondary product representing the woody part of the stem, resulting after the technical fibers were extracted and being used as a material for ecological buildings.

Lime will be provided by Carmeuse Holding, a world leader in lime and chalk products. Carmeuse provides performant, economic and environmentally friendly solutions for a wide range of applications in the industrial, commercial and environmental field. Having more than 150 years of experience in producing lime, chalk with a high level of calcium, lime with various granulations and aggregates, the company provides vital products for the major industries in the steel, energy, environment and constructions field.

Hemp Green House comes together with the program that has recently been launched in public debate by the Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests, Green House Plus. For the first time in Romania, it funds thermic systems made of ecological materials, green roofs systems, monitoring and efficiency improving systems for the energy, water, gas consumption, as well as efficient lighting systems based on LED with low energy consumption and superior life period.

Carmeuse Holding and HempFlax join the Environment Fund Administration in its approach of urging and supporting constructors to use renewable sources for the energy optimization of the buildings: housing isolation (hemp, wool, stone wool, cork, perlite, cellulose), hemp and lime structure, as well as finishing (coatings, adhesives, paints and primers, without VOCs), using materials with low carbon footprint, non-toxic and of renewable sources with implicit impact on the indoor environment’s quality.


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