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June 25, 2021

Vasile Blaga : Electing single party chair, risky. I will stay close to my colleagues. Party to adopt best solution, PNL remains united

Vasile Blaga stated on Thursday, at the National Liberal Party (PNL) headquarters, that he will continue to get involved in the party, as mere party member, and added that the Liberals will take the best decision in what concerns the party’s leadership formula, avoiding any talk about a replacement or a single party president.

“I can’t discuss such solutions (the party’s PDL wing nominating a replacement or the party continuing with a single chair – editor’s note), the party will come up with the solutions, in a very brief time. I too have party responsibilities and I will get involved more in the party’s evolution, as a mere party member. This means I’ll stay close to my colleagues and the party will remain strong and united,” Vasile Blaga stated.

PNL’s former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) wing, a party wing Blaga belongs to, does not like the idea of giving up the party’s dual leadership and claims that the election of a single chair could lead to challenges against the lists of candidates that PNL will file for the parliamentary elections and, implicitly, to the party’s impossibility to take part in the elections.

Leaders of the PDL wing rejected on previous occasions too the idea of giving up on the party’s dual leadership, arguing that the party’s lists should be signed by a leader of the former PDL and a leader of the former PNL.

PNL was expected to convene a meeting on Saturday, with the possibility to do so on Sunday too.

However, PNL sources told Mediafax on Thursday that Vasile Blaga is expected to nominate his replacement for the office of co-chair, with the nomination set to be discussed at the party meeting scheduled at the end of the week.

According to the Liberal sources, the person nominated could come from among the PNL Vice Presidents who are former members of PDL, Catalin Predoiu and Gheorghe Flutur being among the names rumoured. However, Gheorghe Falca was also rumoured as an option.

“The party should adopt the best solutions. (…) The party is not my property, I’m just a member,” Vasile Blaga said on Thursday.



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