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April 12, 2021

Verdict in case concerning Klaus Iohannis’s Sibiu house, postponed for December

The Pitesti Court of Appeals decided on Wednesday to postpone for December 7 a new court hearing in the trial that concerns the Sibiu house whose ownership President Klaus Iohannis’s family lost.

Pitesti Court of Appeals judges were expected to issue their ruling in President Klaus Iohannis’s case on Wednesday, a case concerning the house whose ownership his family lost. The judges are analysing an appeal, this being the only case in which the court could decide that the house, located in downtown Sibiu, should be returned to the Iohannis family’s ownership.

The house was initially owned by the Ghenea family. It then became property of the Romanian state and was later on bought by its tenants. In 1999, the tenants’ purchasing contract was cancelled in court, following a request filed by one of the Ghenea’s nephews.

The Iohannis family then bought the Ghenea heirs’ share, but the former tenants challenged the purchase.

Carmen and Klaus Iohannis filed an appeal after they lost the case at the Brasov Court of Appeals.

On 16 November 2015, President Klaus Iohannis expressed his dissatisfaction with the court ruling, pointing out that he was looking with his lawyers for the best way to challenge it.

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