ANGELS, a charity exhibition for Tedy Ursuleanu, a #Colectiv survivor

On October 1, starting from 8.00 pm, Roman Arenas will host the launching of the charity visual project named ANGELS, design by the photographer Alex Csiki. The proceeds from the sale of the works will be fully directed to Tedy Ursuleanu, a survivor of the Colectiv fire. Access is free for the public and will take place starting at 6.00 pm. The voice of the event will be provided by the famous radio personality Andrei Gheorghe.

6 years after his last project launching, Alex Csiki managed to create, with the support of Nikonisti, a new project full of substance and with a significant emotional impact. For ANGELS, the artist was inspired by Tedy Ursuleanu, a survivor of the inferno in the evening of October 30, 2015 from the Colectiv club, a fire that kidnapped 64 souls and mutilated another more than 100 lives. The name of the project is not random. Tedy is the best example of a real fighter, passing through unimaginable moments with her head up and smiling, to be able to live a normal life again.

24 works signed by Alex Csiki will be exhibited at the Roman Arenas, namely large format printed photos. All the works will have attached a uniqueness certificate, each one of the 24 works being created in a single copy and signed by the artist. A small format album containing all the works will also be on sale for the spectators.

Tedy’s evolution was followed by many people. Always available to answer the questions, her words describe the best the struggle she has to face since 10 months: “The skin melting like a thin layer of wax, the burning flesh smell, the black smoke covering our faces, the hair smoldering in the fire’s embrace, cries of pain and despair. These are my memories of a Friday evening, the concert where I saw for the last time some f my friends. I woke up in a hospital, after one month and a half, with my fingers amputated, being unable to speak, artificially fed, having 2B and 3 degree burns on 45 percent of my body. Overall, more than 3 months of hospitalization, a lot of amputation, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, hundreds of hours of physical therapy to be able to regain the arms and head mobility, trying to live a life as normal as possible, but nothing hurts more than the remembrance of the day of October 30”.

“The artist Alex Csiki is in a tumultuous sign of the zodiac, which helps the gifted ones; he had a remarkable series of presences in the Romanian cultural life, and his work is definitely prepared to be known by the great galleries that are seeking surprising presences. Hope, seeking, a universe of light that turns you on, walls on which light reveals strange bricks, loneliness and waiting states, wondering, sadness but also hope provided by the same light that is always mysterious – treated beings, who look for themselves and ask themselves questions, states of struggling with yourself and deep pains – these are few of the coordinates which the general image of the exhibition lays down like some big canvas, semi-transparent curtains, on ruins of an opera where great tragedies were played, but were you can still find hope”, stated Lazar Dinu.

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