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March 25, 2023

Autumn International Feline Exhibition SofistiCAT in Bucharest: You can leave your CAT on!

More than 250 cats across the world will be admired at the Autumn International Feline Exhibition – SofistiCAT, which will take place on October 1 and 2 in C5 Pavilion within Romexpo Complex, Bucharest.

In front of a prestigious international jury will parade outstanding specimens of cats of the following breeds: Persian, Exotic, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Siberian, Turkish Angora, Sacred Burmese, Bengali, British Shorthair, British Longhair, Abyssinian, Chartreaux, Devon Rex, Don Sphynx, Russian Blue, Burma, Singapura, Sphynx, Oriental and Siamese.

The exhibition will be opened from 10.00 am t 6.00 pm in both days, and its apogee will consist in the BEST IN SHOW contest. The most beautiful cats in the exhibition will compete both on Saturday and on Sunday in the great final, for a seat on the podium. The sponsors will offer generous prizes for the finalists, consisting in food and accessories for cats.

Within the event, products and accessories for both cats (food, hygiene, play) and their lovers (jewelries, shirts, handbags, face-painting) will be available at promotional prices.

Also, both the exhibitors and the visitors will be able to participate to a special raffle with prize consisting in play centers for cats.

As always, in the two days of exhibition, the campaign called “ARATA CA ITI PASA” (“PROVE THAT YOU CARE”), within which donations (in money or food) will be gathered for homeless animals. Animal protection organizations will bring vaccinated and sterilized cats to be adopted.

The ticket price is RON 10, pensioners benefit from the price of RON 5, while children have free access.

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