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October 28, 2020

DefMin Motoc: Republic of Moldova enhances participation to EU’s joint security and defence policy

National Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc (photo R) on Friday said in a joint press conference with his Chisinau counterpart Anatolie Salaru that the Republic of Moldova is already present with activities conducted under the European Union Joint Defence and Security Policies, but “an amplification an an intensification” of this participation is wanted.

“Romania constantly supports any step of the Republic of Moldova approaching the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU). In this respect we see with great satisfaction that on the NATO dimension there are certain progresses in materializing the NATO initiative regarding the consolidation of the defence capabilities. Romania is a part of these developments. Also, decisive steps were being made in the recent period for the operationalization of a NATO liaison bureau in Chisinau. Regarding the EU context, the Republic of Moldova is already present with activities conducted under the Joint Defence and Security Policies. (…) An intensification and an amplification of the Republic of Moldova’s participation to a profile growing policy in this period in the EU is needed,” Motoc stated.

He brought to mind that Romania constantly supported the consolidation of the defence and security dimension within the Eastern Partnership, especially considering the Republic of Moldova.

The Romanian dignitary added that the fundamental objective of the defence bilateral relation aims to strengthen and improve the military forces of the Republic of Moldova.


Moldova DefMin Salaru: Transdniester situation must be brought on major global chancelleries’ agenda


It is a must that the situation of Transdniester is brought on the agenda of the major global chancelleries, on Friday said in Bucharest the Defence Minister of the Moldova Government, Anatolie Salaru, adding that his country is concerned with the ” unprecedented collaboration” lately between Transdniester army and Russian troops.

“The fact that in Transdniester lately the troops illegally stationed there have performed an intense activity and an unprecedented collaboration so far with the Transdniester army is concerning us. (…) We have asked Romania’s support for the Russian peacekeeping troops in Transdniester to be withdrawn and this peacekeeping format be replaced with an international, UN one, because the Russian army in Transdniester by direct involvement on the one side of the conflict, has lost quality of peacekeeping force. It is utmost that the situation in Transdniester to be brought on the agenda of the major global chancelleries and these changes to be completed, because it is the only chance to solve this problem in the near future,” said Salaru in a joint press conference with the Romanian National Defence Minister, Mihnea Motoc.

The Chisinau official added that considering there are a Russian “occupation” army and an army of Transdniester that is “uncontrolled, unpredictable”, on Moldova’s territory, there is a risk for the situation in the Republic of Moldova to “deteriorate.”

“Which is why the national army of Moldova should become modern, capable to face any challenges, not only those from Transdniester but also the ones from the hybrid war led by Russia very active and visible in Moldova,” said Anatolie Salaru.

He added that the Moldova Army is undergoing a reform process, with support from Romania, “including what is related to upgrading, endowment, training of specialists and officers.”


ForMin Comanescu: It is important for Moldova to capitalise on NATO partnership opportunities


Romania’s Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu on Friday welcomed Moldova’s Defence Minister Anatolie Salaru to whom he underscored the importance for Moldova to capitalise on the opportunities provided by the country’s partnership with NATO.

Romania’s Foreign Ministry says in a press statement after the meeting that the two ministers voiced satisfaction with the latest developments in and dynamics of the bilateral relationship between Romania and Moldova, as well as interest in continuing deepening their cooperation.

“Minister Lazar Comanescu hailed Moldova’s progress with reforms that are allowing the country’s European and international partners to regain trust in it, highlighting the need for the reforms to continue at a brisker pace. The Romanian chief diplomat also underscored the importance for Moldova to capitalise on the opportunities provided by its partnership with NATO,” the statement reads

Salaru is quoted as reiterating the firm commitment of the Moldovan Government to the country’s European journey, thanking Romania for constant support to Moldova achieving concrete projects sustaining its European aspirations. He also extended thanks to Romania for its support to Moldova furthering its relationship with NATO, providing information about the latest developments in various cooperation projects conducted with NATO.

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