Ex- President Basescu: I’ve seen the 1950s propaganda wolf pack at work!

In a new posting on Facebook, ex-President Traian Basescu says that the National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) Chief Prosecutor is far from being the embodiment of honesty and uprightness and accuses Laura Codruta Kovesi’s backers of behaving like the propagandists of the 1950s by making the institution identical with the person who leads it.

“As soon as you start talking about Laura Codruta Kovesi, unless you consistently praise her the propagandists brand you an enemy of the judiciary, especially if you dare say she commits abuses or allows criminals the ilk of Pescariu and Florica to walk while keeping the proceeds of their crimes in their bank accounts, or that she selectively picks her targets or sacrifices people’s lives for her own glory.

In the good tradition of the 1950s, propagandists do not differentiate between a person who is temporarily at the helm of the DNA and the DNA itself, the institution that has to function fairly and efficiently, democratically and while respecting fundamental rights, an institution I unreservedly support.

I’m telling the propaganda wolf pack one certain thing: Kovesi is far from being the embodiment of fairness and honesty and I’ve found out plenty of things in this sense during the final months of my term and especially after I left Cotroceni.

Dear propagandists of the 1950s, if you want to do something for the DNA and for the country, defend the institution and do not link it definitively to an ephemeral person. I wonder how would you still defend the DNA, while equating it with Laura Codruta Kovesi, if one day you were to see Laura Codruta Kovesi with handcuffs on TV.

Do you understand why it’s not good to equate a person with an institution?

P.S. 1. Romania has a single institution that is confused with the elected office holder: the PRESIDENT.

  1. I’m not accusing Kovesi of plagiarism, because I’m not qualified to make such an assessment. I only suspect her of obtaining the no-plagiarism verdict through fraudulent means similar to those used by some of the people she puts in handcuffs.
  2. And one more thing. If while I was fretting trying to find a solution for Kovesi at the end of her tenure as General Prosecutor, the LADY was taking part, alongside Ghita and other Social Democrats, in manoeuvres to whitewash her doctoral thesis, what does that leave for me to say today?” reads the message that Traian Basescu posted on Facebook.

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