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January 28, 2022

Report: Romanian youth, expectations of a monthly wage of 500 euro for the first job

The expectations of youths in Romania in what regards the first job envisage a monthly wage of 2200 RON (approximately 500 euro) and a weekly program not exceeding 40 hours, preferably in a large corporation, occupying a specialised position, shows the independent Graduate Barometer 2016 report launched by Germany’s Trendence Institut.

According to the press release remitted to Agerpres, Romanian youths wish their first job bring them an annual income of 5954 euro and not require more than 40 working hours per week, but the expectations are far from the European average, which indicate an yearly wage of 23,127 euro, meaning nearly 2000 euro per month and 42 hours weekly.

According to the study, the highest expectations are those of Swiss youths, who envisage a 44 hour work week and a hefty salary, of 60,000 euro annually.

The same report notes the career priorities of those freshly entering the workforce in Romania.

Thus, 83.9 percent of them prefer permanent employment, the situation being similar to the European level, where 81.6 of youths opt for the same variant.

Only 16.1 percent in Romania and 18.4 percent prefer temporary employment.

As such, the trend of Romanian graduates does not differ much from the European one. When it comes to tasks wanted, 53.8 percent of European graduates wish for strategic tasks, as opposed to operational tasks, being closely followed by 51 percent of Romanian students.

57.2 percent of Romanian students want to work in a large corporation and so do 53.8 percent of graduates from other countries studied.

The differences between Romanian graduates and other graduates can be noted in what regards preparation for the job wanted.

While 54.6 percent of Europeans count on specialization, 53.6 of Romanian youths choose competence accumulation and general aptitudes.

Furthermore, while 61.5 percent of Romanians are ready to accumulate necessary skills and knowledge during a training program, 51.1 percent of other graduates want direct employment.

When it comes to how much courses studied help them in the workforce, 54.2 percent of Romanian students believe that they offer them the necessary competencies and aptitudes, while only 43.7 percent of other graduates make the same statement. (1 euro = 4.4523 RON).

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