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June 26, 2022

Alina Gorghiu, National Liberal Party’s sole president

*Gheorghe Falca, PNL’s chief of campaign


National Liberal Party (PNL) members decided on Saturday that Alina Gorghiu should be the party’s sole president until the party conference. Arad Mayor Gheorghe Falca was elected chief of campaign for the parliamentary elections scheduled on December 11.

The former members of PDL were the first to meet on Saturday, at the headquarters of PNL, in order to take a decision on whether to nominate a replacement for outgoing PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga.

Their meeting was followed by PNL’s National Political Bureau meeting, meant to discuss the PDL wing’s nomination. The members of the former PNL won the case after the two meetings, having claimed from the start that the best solution would consist of a sole party president that would also show that the two parties finalised their merger.


Blaga: I’m sure Alina Gorghiu – sole PNL President – is the best option


The Liberals will have a sole president, Alina Gorghiu. MEP Daniel Buda has been tasked with signing the party lists on behalf of the former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), former PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga announced on Saturday evening. Blaga resigned last Wednesday from the office of PNL Co-President and chief of campaign.

“There were two meetings. The first was that of the presidents from the old PDL. It was followed by that of PNL’s Standing Bureau. In the first meeting, we decided, with only one vote against and four abstentions, to give up on the party’s co-presidency, because we are a single party, and to propose a sole president, in the person of Ms. Gorghiu,” Blaga stated at a press conference, pointing out that Daniel Buda has been tasked with co-signing the party’s lists for the parliamentary elections.

Vasile Blaga pointed out he will support Alina Gorghiu.

“I’m convinced we picked the best solution. I will support Ms. Gorghiu and I believe she is the best option,” Blaga emphasised.

Also on Saturday, it was decided that PNL Arad President Gheorghe Falca will coordinate the party’s parliamentary elections campaign.

“PNL leader Alina Gorghiu has nominated Gheorghe Falca coordinator of the Liberals’ parliamentary elections campaign,” PNL Vice President Raluca Turcan announced on Saturday evening.

“He is experienced, has had results, got involved and proved that results can be obtained,” the Liberal Vice President added at the end of the meeting on Saturday.

The nomination Alina Gorghiu made will be put up for vote at the party’s National Political Bureau this week.

Falca’s nomination as campaign manager comes after Vasile Blaga resigned from that position.

In what concerns the decision taken by PNL leaders for the party to have a sole president, Turcan deemed it showed “a lot of wisdom.”

“Yesterday’s decision marked a lot of wisdom for PNL. It’s a decision that shows we are capable of looking at what people expect of PNL, of politics. (…) It’s a gesture that does not represent cession or gain for either of the sides. It’s a gesture that marks the understanding of the future, that it can no longer work with half measures. Just as we decided to have sole presidents at the level of county branches, we could not have come up with a different solution in what concerns the helm of the party,” Raluca Turcan concluded.


PNL’s National Coordination Council to convene next Saturday for party’s sole presidency


The National Liberal Party’s National Coordination Council will convene next Saturday in order to validate the decision concerning the party’s sole presidency and the decision to task MEP Daniel Buda to co-sign the party’s lists for the parliamentary elections, according to Liberal sources.

PNL’s NCC previously convened in 2015, when the party’s integrity criteria and the decision to appoint Ilie Bolojan as Secretary General were validated.

The NCC consists of county branches, MPs, MEPs, local representatives and delegates from all PNL branches.


Gorghiu: Things will turn out well for PNL; we have overcome crises for past 140 years


Alina Gorghiu stated last Saturday, before the meeting held by the party’s National Political Bureau, that although the party is today in a “more difficult” situation, things will turn out well eventually.

“I support the best solution and I’m convinced today we will come up with a very good solution. We have overcome crises for the past 140 years and we have moved on. Today we find ourselves in a more difficult situation, but I do not hesitate saying that things will turn out well for PNL,” Gorghiu stated when asked what solution she opts for – the co-presidents or sole president formula.

She pointed out that any solution that is backed by a majority represents the appropriate solution for PNL.

“There were some colleagues who, instead of minding what has to be minded, kept expressing opinions on various solutions – sole president, co-presidents, 160 this, 161 that, the articles in the statute. I don’t think this is important, on the contrary,” Alina Gorghiu added.


Gorghiu about PNL President office: It’s much tougher, we shared the burden until now


PNL President Alina Gorghou stated on Saturday that the office of sole PNL President is not an easy job, pointing out that it will be tougher now because the “burden” had previously been shared.

“It’s a sign of maturity for a team that has formed in the last two years. (…) The mission Vasile Blaga and I took on two years ago is not an easy mission. It’s much tougher now because up until today I shared the burden with Vasile Blaga and it was much easier for me. It’s time to look at everything that PNL’s outlook means and these are times when you can come out of crisis stronger, more united, looking forward with the hope that things will be better,” Gorghiu stated at a press conference.

She added that PNL’s priorities have to do with the governing platform, pointing out that this document will be presented at the party’s National Coordination Council meeting this week.

“The PNL lists will not embarrass us in Iasi, Bucharest, Suceava or Calarasi. They will be as the electorate wants them to be and as most of the party branches want them to be,” Gorghiu added.


Blaga: As a mere member, I will help the party with everything I know, including in the campaign


Former PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated on Saturday that he will perform his duties as a mere party member and will help the party with everything he knows, including in the elections campaign.

Referring to the way the decision was taken, Blaga stated that the talks lasted two and a half hours and in the end “the appropriate conclusion” was drawn.

“The talks lasted well over two hours, but in a serious party the likes of PNL (…), with arguments from some colleagues, with counter-arguments from others, we drew the appropriate conclusion. My colleagues, after two and a half hours of talks, with just one vote against – and that vote was not from Transylvania – and four abstentions, supported this: the party has to be even more united,” Blaga pointed out.

Asked whether this is a setback for the old PDL, he answered: “Not in the least, we are a single party. That some will be dissatisfied… that’s life.”

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