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May 22, 2022

ForMin Comanescu: Romania is constantly aiming to strengthen its profile through a coherent and predictable foreign policy

Romania is constantly aiming to strengthen its regional, European and international profile through a foreign policy characterized by coherence, efficiency and predictability, adapted to the period we are going through, stated on Saturday the Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu, who participated to the official opening of the 23rd edition of the “Nicolae Titulescu” International Courses for the young diplomats.

The theme of this year’s edition of one of the most important public diplomacy programs initiated and held by the Foreign Affairs Ministry is focused on Romania’s foreign policy priorities and on issues of immediate actuality of the international political and diplomatic scene, states MAE in a press release.

In these circumstances, the Foreign minister presented to the 28 students coming from 21 countries, the main directions of Romania’s foreign policy strategy and topics on the agenda of the Romanian diplomacy, which will be developed in the lectures and Q&A sessions specific to the courses.

“This program developed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry is dedicated to the personality of the state person and diplomat Nicolae Titulescu, an outstanding personality of the international diplomacy of the first half of the 20th Century. Hi modern vision and his diplomatic actions inspire us even today in promoting the international cooperation, the principle on the peaceful resolving of the conflicts. Romania is constantly aiming to strengthen its regional, European and international profile through a foreign policy characterized by coherence, efficiency and predictability, adapted to the period we are going through”, stated the Foreign Minister, quoted in the release.

The Romanian diplomacy’s expertise, its contribution to the academic component of the lectures, approaching actual topics of the international political and diplomatic scene, the dialogue suggested to the students on relevant subjects from Romanian history, diplomacy and culture have contributed to increasing from one edition to another, the prestige of the “Nicolae Titulescu” international courses, stated MAE.

This year’s edition will be held from October 1 to 9 in Poiana Brasov and Sighisoara.


  Comanescu on Klemm’s photo with the Szekely flag: We spoke by the phone; each one of us assumes what he is doing


Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu said he spoke by the phone with the USA Ambassador in Romania, Hans Klemm, about the photo in which the American diplomat appeared holding the flag of the Szekely Land in his hand, during a visit in Covasna.

“We spoke by the phone. (…) I said that (…) in the relationships between the states, anywhere in the world, there can be subjects, issues which, at a specific moment, in specific circumstances, can cause specific sensibilities”, stated Lazar Comanescu on Sunday for Digi 24.

However, Comanescu stated that there wasn’t a call of the USA Ambassador to the Foreign Affair Ministry on this subject. “This is an inexact information, there wasn’t such a call”, Comanescu said.

Asked if the USA Ambassador “blundered” in this case, Lazar Comanescu mentioned that the Hans Klemm’s subsequent reaction clarified things.

“I think Ambassador Klemm’s reaction, (…), at Craiova, has clarified things very well. There are only two flags for America, for him, namely the national flag of Romania and the flag of the United States of America. (..)  I believe that, as he said, it was a gesture of politeness, (…) it was a circumstance in which he had to act with this gesture of politeness”, Comanescu stated.

At the same time, he appreciates that when you know the history of a country and its sensitive issues, you consider them. “As I said at that time, given that you know very well the history, te sensitive issues, you consider them. (…) Each one of us assumes what he’s doing”, added the Foreign Minister, asked if he would have done the USA Ambassador’s gesture.

In September, the mayor of the city of Sfantu Gheorghe, Antal Arpad, posted on Facebook a photo in which he appears together with the USA Ambassador in Romania and with other local representatives, holding the Szekely flag in his hand.

“I offered to the USA Ambassador a flag of the Szekely community, a flag which also became the symbol of the lack of respect of the authorities towards the Szekely community. I mention that this flag was used for the first time in 1599, when the Szekely people fought together with Mihai Viteazul”, wrote the mayor Antal Arpad on Facebook.


Turkish authorities have requested Romania to close Gulen’s schools


The request to close the schools founded in Romania by the President Recep Erdogan’s opponent, Fethullah Gulen, was sent not only by the Turkish diplomatic representation in Bucharest. Foreign Minister stated that such a request also came when he went to Ankara, from the Turkish officials he discussed with.

“I visited Ankara together with my Polish counterpart, on August 25. We had extended discussions with our Turkish colleague, and we had discussions with the Turkish President Erdogan, lasting one hour or even more”, stated the Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu, in an interview for Digi24.

“The Turkish Embassy wasn’t the only one having such requests. These issues were also raised in the discussions with the interlocutors I talked with, in Ankara. I said very clear that in Romania, all the educational institutions operate according to the Romanian laws”, ensured the head of diplomacy.


The Foreign Minister announces changes in the Romanian Embassies


Foreign Minister also announced in the interview he offered to Digi 24 that he takes into account to replace the economic attachés in the Romanian embassies abroad. “We need a substantial update of the human resources designed to promote Romania’s foreign economic interests”, stated the Minister Lazar Comanescu.

Asked if “update” means to replace the current attachés, the head of the diplomacy answered “including this”.

“First of all, we will reconfigure the external representation network, by defining what is the role of the economic counselor of the embassy and what is the classical commercial promotion”, Lazar Comanescu explained.

The Foreign Minister’s statement comes in the circumstances in which the Vice PM Costin Borc has criticized the fact that people were sent in the external network on friendship or kinship criteria. Moreover, the destinations would have been chosen rather to satisfy touristic interests.

Minister Lazar Comanescu has admitted that he has his own dissatisfactions related to the activity of the economic attachés and he promised that soon will be available the saying “the right man at the right place”.

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