Number of Romanians with Facebook accounts reaches 8.8 million at September-end

The number of accounts registered with Facebook by users in Romania has reached 8.8 million, at the end of September, an almost 8% increase over the same period of last year, reveals data from, the monitoring service for Romanian pages created on the social network.

Compared to the beginning of 2016, the figures noted on September 30 are 4.76 percent higher, the quoted source notes.

According to the statistics, in the November 2015 – September 2016 period, the number of Romanian Facebook pages rose by 27.06 percent from 29.618 to 37.635. Furthermore, in the same interval, 8.017 pages were created and indexed, meaning 21.3 percent of the total Facebook pages in Romania.

Of the total 8.8 million accounts of Romanian users of Facebook, over 8.651 million set their city (98.3 percent).

The city with most Facebook users in Romania still is Bucharest where, at the end of September, 1,726,110 accounts were registered (20.54 percent of the total), a 4 percent increase compared to the previous month. The next cities in rank were Cluj Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara and Constanta, each with more than 200,000 Facebook users.

According to the quoted source, in January 2011 Romanians had 2.405 million accounts, while in January 2016, the number had reached 8.3 million. is the website that monitors the pages created on Facebook by persons and institutions and offers statistic data for page management.

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