PM Ciolos: The campaign for Wisdom of the Earth could be extended

*The owners want the transaction to be concluded by March


The campaign for purchasing “Wisdom of the Earth” (“Cumintenia Pamantului”) could be extended, PM Dacian Ciolos announced; in the last days, more than 20,000 text messages have been sent, and, overall, over 100,000 Romanians have donated more than EUR 1 million. In a short video message posted on Friday on the Government’s website, the Prime-Minister said that the subscription process could be extended, given that for the first time in Romania, in only four months and a half, such an important amount of money was gathered for a project having a cultural value. Dacian Ciolos said that the Government will provide details on the extension of the public purchase campaign in the next days.

“I wish to thank to the more of 100,000 Romanian people who have participated to the public subscription. In four months and a half, more than EUR 1 million were gathered in this process. I believe it’s the first time in Romania when such an important amount of money is gathered in such a short time for a project having a cultural value. First of all, I would like to thank to the opinion leaders, to the journalists, to the sportsmen, to the young people who involved pro-actively in this process. (…) I would also like to thank to the Romanians in Diaspora who participated actively, proving that roots are not forgettable, and that they understood so well the value of this project, beyond the purchase”, the chief of the Executive stated.

PM said that more than 20,000 text messages were sent for the purchase only in the last days, and all these things prove that the project is successful, according to Mediafax.

“In principle, extending the campaign is a unilateral action of the Government. The owners continue to wish to conclude the transaction and they are waiting to sign the contracts”, stated Bogdan Gabrowski, after PM Dacian Ciolos mentioned that it’s possible for the Romanian state to extend the national subscription for Constantin Brancusi’s “Wisdom of the Earth”.

Regarding the proposal of another date when the amount of EUR 11 million should be paid, different from the one established by the owners and the Government, through the Ministry of Culture in March, he said that the term should be a “reasonable” one.

“If there will be a question related to postpone the date when the contract should be concluded and the price should be paid, this term should be a reasonable one. We can talk about few weeks, maybe, but the end of the year shouldn’t be exceeded”, added the lawyer for

Dacian Ciolos made two donations by text message for Brancusi’s “Wisdom of the Earth”.

Last month, PM Dacian Ciolos has sent two donation text messages within the campaign lunched by the ministry of Culture, in addition to the actions initiated in order to raise funds for the purchase of the work “Wisdom of the Earth” created by Constantin Brancusi, by the Romanian state.


Dragnea on the campaign for “Wisdom of the Earth”: It was used to build the technocrat’s image of a great patriot


The President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, stated on Saturday that the public subscription for the “Wisdom of the Earth” was used by the Government to build the technocrat’s image of great patriots, while other valuable artworks have entered in private collections because the Romanian state didn’t exercise its right of first refusal for purchase, referring to the “Manu” Collection.

“’Wisdom of the Earth’ became a sort of national symbol, around which is built the technocrat’s image of a ‘great patriot’ by using public funds. In the deafening noise of this campaign, other artworks pass from the state’s heritage to various private collections. In these circumstances, I am forced to pull the alarm on other restituted artworks which may lose, such as the ones in the ‘Manu Collection’”, stated the PSD leader.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea asked the PM Dacian Ciolos to explain what are the reasons for which the Romanian Government didn’t exercise its right of first refusal for other artworks also, such as the paintings in the “Manu Collection” which were subject to a tender, without the Government’s answer to the notice by which it was informed that it can exercise the right of first refusal on them, although they are paintings by Theodor Aman, Constantin Daniel Rosenthal or Gheorghe Tattarescu, and the total amount of the entire collection was lower than the “Wisdom of the Earth”, according to

“I was concerned to learn from the press release issued by the National Committee of the Museums and Collections about several paintings that are so precious and which the Romanian state has lost, without even trying to exercise the right of first refusal. I am talking about the “Manu Collection”, which includes several paintings classified in the “Thesaurus” category. They were restituted and tendered, and the Romanian state had the right of first refusal for purchase, as in the case of the “Wisdom of the Earth”. But the Government didn’t even tried to answer to the notice that it received in this regard, which means that many of them are lost for good, entering the private collections of the interested persons”, Liviu Dragnea stated.

He claims that the lack of interest shown by the Government proves that the public subscription for Brancusi’s artwork was “a simple action of image of the Prime-Minister, held on public funds”.


Ponta: The best experts in “Brancusi” assess the Wisdom to EUR 5 million. DNA will intervene in 2017


Former PM Victor Ponta listed on Facebook “a short list of the projects in 2016 catastrophically failed by ‘His Government’, since Mr. Iohannis wishes to continue these projects, probably with the same results like until now”.

“After the ridiculous results of the public subscription campaign for the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’, the Technocrat Government just missed a project presented from the house-tops by the “Propaganda” and supported by “Basescu’s-Iohannis’-Ciolos’ intellectuals!” And there are really many projects on the list of failures, while the number of the achieved ones is still ZERO!

It originally started from a laudable idea – to recover for Romania one of the artworks created by Brancusi, which rightfully belonged to our country and was abusively restituted to some alleged heirs from somewhere in France! But some ‘technocrat cunning guys’ transformed everything very quickly in a huge image campaign for the Government, of the kind “Give a cent for My Government”! Of course people didn’t let themselves fooled and they ignored the Propaganda which asphyxiates us daily, more than in Ceausescu’s time! Using a little bit of hoax, supported by a PR effort which probably is more expensive than the total value of the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ and with several big companies ‘convinced’ to donate money if they want public contracts to continue to be granted to them, not even EUR 1 million of the 6 million wanted couldn’t be raised!

The stupidity that led us to be trapped by the Russian Embassy was like the candy on the alms!

Now, the situation is really complicated – the lwyers of the alleged owners are waiting ALL THE MONEY on October 31 – so Mr. Ciolos will be forced to give money from the Budget, too (which he could do from the beginning)! The problem is that I saw the official expertise performed by the best experts in ‘Brancusi’, which stated clearly that the maximum amount is EUR 5 million (and not 11 million)!

If he allots any amount from the public budget, it’s a decision of political opportunity that Mr. Ciolos can legally take, then he should explain to the public opinion why he does it! But having the assessment of EUR 5 million, the Court of Auditors and DNA will probably intervene in 2017 (most likely after 2018, when the term of the current leadership will end)!”, Ponta wrote.


He further indicated in his post “a short list of failed image and Propaganda projects”:


  1. “Wisdom of the Earth” – out of EUR 6 million, not even EUR 1 million couldn’t be raised / the difference will be added from the Budget (meaning from your money)
  2. The vote in Diaspora – an even more pompous Campaign than the one from the 1st item – the result was the registration of less than 10,000 Romanians for voting (in pool stations or by correspondence) – the Government added “by writing”, another 600,000 voters among those who have official documents / what happens with the rest of 3 million?!?! – I know, it will be Ponta’s and Corlatean’s fault
  3. ZERO European funds in 2016 – after a campaign with Soros-ist hysteric people in the foreground, the year is going to end and we find out that we will continue to have also zero – while the European Commission clearly tells us that we can’t receive anything because we didn’t accredited the institutions in charge with the development of the programmes (Management Authorities and Intermediary Organisms) – I know, everything is because of Ghita, who is in the government since November 2015
  4. The grants from agriculture – European Commission has finally bored of the Bucharest’s incompetence and allotted our money to the refugees in Turkey / in a country whose Prime-Minister is the former European Commissioner for Agriculture
  5. The highways which are going to connect Romania’s Historical Regions / well, this is simple: Comarnic – Brasov is completely abandoned (‘Ponta would have been done it too expensive’); Pitesti – Sibiu – all the procedures have been canceled and now they say they’ll do them by 2023!!! (because of Sova, because he was doing them with Romanian companies, instead of foreign companies); Iasi – Targu Mures – we’ll see about it (because of Fenechiu, Adomnitei and Nichita, who wished to have a highway and you can see what happened to them)
  6. The Unitary Pay Law – we’ll see in 2017, if you will vote ‘My Government’ (because of Rovana Plumb, who let the project unfinished)
  7. The Royalties Law doesn’t even appear on the Government’s list anymore (the ‘Vuvuzela’ Rares will shout for sure, as he shouted in 2015 also, because I wasn’t approving the law faster to favor OMV – or he will be totally silent)
  8. The stability of the Judiciary – the first time after many years when all the magistrates from the courts and the registrars join against the stupid things made by the Government and Mrs. Pruna from KGB / the solution is that Comrade Minister has upset and she will return in December to Macovei and Soros – uh, what a loss!

If Mr. Iohannis wishes, I can complete the list with other almost 20 failures as lamentable as these ones – but I think it’s enough for the Romanian people and they will decide something else on December 11!” wrote the former PM Ponta on Facebook.


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