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August 1, 2021

German Unity Day reception in Bucharest: Ambassador Lauk says Europe would be more peaceful if imitating Romania’s coexistence model

Europe would be more peaceful if others followed Romania’s model of coexistence, Germany’s ambassador in Bucharest Werner Hans Lauk told a German Unity Day reception in Bucharest on Monday.

“I would like to thank the Romanian Government explicitly for the exemplary way in which it is managing the relationship with the German minority and other minorities in Romania. Europe would be more peaceful if others followed Romania’s coexistence model,” said Lauk.

He also mentioned the challenges facing Europe and the rest of the world, migrant crisis, the situation in Ukraine and the UK leaving the European Union. “A large number of people from other countries continue to seek shelter from war, political persecution and economic hardships. (…) In neighbouring Ukraine, the situation has not changed significantly, as agreed under the Minsk accord. (…) I am delighted to see Romania committed to the European project and to have made its voice heard for teh common good,” he said.

Lauk mentioned the bilateral relationship between Germany and Romania that is marked by an even closer collaboration. ”German companies have continued to invest sustainably in Romania and create jobs for qualified workers,” said Lauk.

The German diplomat added that his mission to Romania is the last in his career, pointing to the “highly open, cordial and welcoming spirit of Romanians.” “I am glad I can retire with such great recollections about this last diplomatic mission of mine,” added Lauk.

The German Unity Day reception party was held at the Bucharest National Theatre House, with Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos attending as special guest. Also in attendance were Foreign Minister Lazar Comanescu, Justice Minister Raluca Pruna, Interiro Minister Dragos Tudorache, chief of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi, literati and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Romania.


 PM Ciolos: Romania-Germany relationship has never been better


The relationship between Romania and Germany is currently “at its best and most intense” in history, Romanian Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told a reception party on Monday extended by the German Embassy in Bucharest to celebrate the German Unity Day.

In his speech, Ciolos mentioned the historical significance of the 1990 reunification of the two Germanys, calling it “proof of the German people’s regeneration capabilities.” He added that the moment paved the way for new opportunities in the European design. “It paved the way for a European reconstruction that we ought to continue today,” said Ciolos.

He added that Romania wants to contribute toward the creation of a more prosperous Europe that can preserve and consolidate peace and also to provide new prospects for the region.

“I want to assure my German friends that Romania will be a member state that has very well understood the responsibilities incumbent on it and that will play its part proactively and honestly for the development of the European Union,” said Ciolos.

At the same time, he said the relationship between Romania and Germany is at its highest. ” I do not know when else the Romania-Germany relationship was better or my intense than this moment now,” added Ciolos.

He said Germany is Romania’s main trade partner, mentioning the automotive industry to the point. “We have reached a point today when I would not exaggerate when saying that any automobile made in Germany has a component made in Romania, one way or another,” said Ciolos.

He also mentioned the Romanian-born ethnic Germans, saying about them that they are as many Romanian ambassadors.

In his speech to the reception, Ciolos underscored the involvement of Romania, together with Germany, in the European project after the UK pulls out of the EU, known as Brexit. “After Brexit, we see clearly that Germany, alongside other European countries wishing for a European future, once again takes over the leadership, political leadership included, and Romania has joined Germany in the process,” said Ciolos



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