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March 23, 2023

IGSU: Romania can offer European Commission personnel, technique and intervention equipment

Romania adopted the legal framework to participate in international assistance missions, with experts and intervention technique, within the Emergency Response Coordination Center (ERCC) – Voluntary Pool for the 2016-2020 period.

 “In order to support the countries stricken by disasters, Romania, through the National Management System of Emergency Situations, has the capacity to put at the disposal of the European Commission experts (in order to join the European Union Civil Protection Team), personnel, technique and flood intervention, search and rescue equipment, medical first aid (civil protection intervention modules), as well as material or financial assistance,” informs a release of the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (ISGU) on Monday.

 Romania’s forces and means can be used for the participation in abroad missions of removing emergency situation effects which are stipulated in the Voluntary Pool 2016-2020, namely two large capacity water pumping modules – HCP, a search and rescue module of medium level certified by the INSARAG-MUSAR, two advanced medical posts-AMP, a medical air evacuation team for disaster victims – MEDEVAC (Ministry of Interior) and a medical air evacuation team for disaster victims – MEDEVAC (National Defence Ministry).

 Romania has granted over the years and also benefited from international support, taking into account that Romanian fire fighters are able to cooperate at the highest standards with worldwide rescuers, according to the international procedures in the field.

 “Our country’s priority desideratum is represented by the state’s consolidation as main actor on a European level in regards to international assistance interventions and humanitarian aid, through the use at full capacity of the personnel and civil protection modules,” the release reveals.

 Therefore Romania strengthens its role in the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

 The strategic approach of the EU offers Romania the opportunity to promote its own vision in the humanitarian aid and disaster assistance areas, which strengthens the objective of being an active contributor to the international actions under the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.


 IGSU to organise nuclear emergency exercise at CNE Cernavoda


More than 150 specialists with the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (IGSU) will participate over the next three days in the Valahia 2016 exercise, which will take place at the Cernavoda (CNE) Power Plant, IGSU informs in a release.

 The exercise is mainly aimed at testing the response capacity to a nuclear emergency of the central and local public authorities, by simulating a nuclear emergency situation at CNE Cernavoda.

 “The exercise will consist of verifying and confirming the integration of the plans and procedures of response to nuclear emergency in the national system of emergency situation management, as well as understanding the roles and capabilities of response to emergencies of the participating organisations,” the release reads.

 According to IGSU, such exercises are frequently conducted by the regulating bodies in the area and the nuclear plant operators, with the involvement of local and national authorities, aimed at constantly improving the response to emergencies, the correct information of the public and ensuring all the protection measures, in the unlikely case of a nuclear emergency.


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