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February 8, 2023

Indoor design suggestions made by Cameleonia: Artistic decorations with grapevine motif, an absolute novelty for the Romanian interior design

At the beginning of the autumn, when leaves begin to fall off the trees, in the design industry we meet the grapevine motif. Everywhere in the world, the months of September and October are marked by the harvest of the famous vineyards; that’s why one of the most recurrent motifs in ceramics and interior design is represented by the grapevine. It’s not surprising, because autumn means exactly wealth and harmony, and the wineries and wine bars influence the events of the cities with wine tradition. Golden, coppery, chocolate shades and grapevine motifs are present on kitchen decorations, as well as in restaurants, bars and French boutiques, were we can find out how to fit the preferred cheeses to the wine in order to get an outstanding savor.

An appetizer consisting of soft cheeses, wrapped by white mold – Brie or Camembert -, with a few slices of apple and grapes can be enjoyed with a glass of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais or Champaign. Autumn abounds in colors and harmony, and this wonderful context is suggested by Cameleonia also indoor. Such a perfect appetizer to open the cold season can be enjoyed in a kitchen with tiles painted by the Spanish artisans, having the grapevine harvest as a leitmotiv. Grapevine, wine and the harvest motif are an important source of inspiration in the Cameleonia universe, especially since the decorative solutions with this theme fit to very different approaches – from innovative and modern interpretations, to the classic and rustic ones.

For the holiday home or for your own business: a guesthouse, a wine bar or a wine cellar, we can choose the terracotta painted with grapes and grapevine, thus managing to get an original decorative effect.

Artistic decorations of painted tiles for kitchen presented by Cameleonia are an absolute novelty for the Romanian interior design. The Cameleonia innovation translates into unique decorations and the grapevine motif offers boundless freedom in the interior design area, as you can play endlessly with the shape, color and texture, to get a consistent expression that will provide a unique experience.

Although the technique of the Spanish artisans is 500 years old, you have the freedom to opt for motifs and symbols from the current trends. This autumn, for a wine bar, Cameleonia recommends the tiles shaped grapevine leaf, while a decoration with wine and grapevine for the hob in the kitchen creates depth in a small space, and the bottle of wine can be personalized with the preferred wine. Another option for the kitchen is the tile painted with grapes which can be hung on the wall like a painting.

In the Cameleonia universe, any tiles decoration can be personalized, which means that we can meet every evening the memory of a happy, unique moment in our home.


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